Your next device could run on a network called LTE-U, thanks to T-Mobile

T-Mobile is tapping into a new resource. On Wednesday, the Bellevue-based mobile service provider announced the deployment of a new technology called LTE-U, and they're hoping that it'll give them an even further edge over competitors

Apple submitted a mysterious Bluetooth and NFC device for FCC approval

Apple submitted another filing to the FCC, this time for a Bluetooth and NFC device -- but what exactly is the device? Excellent question -- but it could hint at an exciting new Apple product.

FCC restricts nine ISPs from selling subsidized broadband to poorer homes

The FCC, with its new Republican chairman Ajit Pai, has moved to slow down the expansion of a federal subsidy program that made affordable broadband available to up to 13 million eligible households across the country.

Huawei might soon offer an ultra-affordable Android smartphone

Recent benchmarks and FCC listings unveiled an unannounced Huawei smartphone that looks to be an ultra-affordable option. Given these listings, expect an official announcement in the near future.

FCC halts investigations into zero-rating data programs like T-Mobile’s Binge On

The FCC will no longer investigate programs like T-Mobile's Binge-On and AT&T's Sponsored Data that were previously accused of violating net neutrality rules championed by ex-chairman Tom Wheeler.

FCC announces approval of broadband funds for rural New York State

The FCC announced today that a petition brought by New York State's own broadband program to utilize money from the Connect America Fund was approved, adding $170 million in federal funding to the state's own $200 million contribution.

Net neutrality critic Ajit Pai elevated to FCC chairman, reports say

Ajit Pai was nominated by President Barack Obama in 2012 to fill an open Republican spot, but he's been no friend of Obama's cyber policy. Net neutrality could be first on his list of targets of Obama-era regulation.

Don't count out net neutrality in Donald Trump's America just yet

If President Obama's signature digital policy achievement -- net neutrality -- is to withstand Trump, the smaller players need to step up. And there are some signs that it just might work.
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Amazon is seeking FCC permission to carry out wireless technology tests

Amazon filed documents to the FCC that request permission to carry out research near its headquarters, prompting speculation that the company's drone delivery program is taking flight.

A new LG smartwatch featuring Android Wear just earned FCC certification

It looks like LG is preparing a new smartwatch for 2017 -- an LG watch has earned FCC certification, suggesting it could launch soon. Along with the certification, we also got a few screenshots of the device.

FCC concludes that AT&T and Verizon’s policies violate net neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission concluded in a detailed report that AT&T and Verizon violated net neutrality rules by exempting first-party products from subscribers' data plans.

AT&T insists the FCC has no basis for halting its merger with Time Warner

Remember when your parents forbade you from seeing your high school sweetheart, and you responded petulantly, "You can't stop me"? You may get a case of deja vu from the latest drama between AT&T and the FCC.