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Adobe delivers a blow to Google TV by pulling Flash [UPDATE: Adobe responds]

Smartphones and tablets are the only devices affected by Adobe's decision to cut Flash for mobile: It includes connected TVs as well.

Adobe abandoned mobile flash, but who killed it?

Adobe is abandoning Flash development for mobile devices, opting instead to focus on HTML5 authoring tools. But what really killed Flash for mobile: Apple's iOS...or Microsoft?

Adobe kills Flash for mobile

Adobe Flash for mobile devices will no longer be developed by the company. Is Flash destined to die on the PC, too?

Adobe promises fix for webcam-spying Flash bug

Some technology flaws don’t go away—they just get a Band-Aid applied to them that eventually falls off. Adobe says it is working on a fix to an Adobe Flash vulnerability that enables attackers to trick Flash users into turning…

Adobe rolls out Flash 11 and Air 3.0

Nipping on the heels of Apple's iPhone 4S announcement, Adobe had a bit of interesting news regarding the development of its Flash and Air products earlier today.

Microsoft ditches Adobe Flash within Metro IE in Windows 8

Abode's Flash can't seem to catch any breaks from multi-million dollar organizations. With the launch of the Windows 8 developer's build, Microsoft decides to leave Flash behind.
Home Theater

ViewSonic kills the Boxee-powered HDTV

Is a dramatic shift in the decreased amount of free Web-based video content making television manufacturers rethink the smart TV concept? Viewsonic is one of the first to scale back on implementing smart TV.

Boxee rolls out iPad app, announces firmware update for Boxee Box

Despite a slow start with adding services at the launch of the Boxee Box in late 2010, the media company has continued to support existing products as well as add iPad support for Boxee fanatics.
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Green Lantern 2 in the works and Flash script is moving forward

Despite slightly abysmal box office numbers, Warner Bros. appears to be going ahead with a Green Lantern sequel that will be “edgier and darker.” A possible adaptation of the superhero Flash is also moving ahead, thanks to a “solid…

Adobe Edge brings Flash-like tools to HTML5

Adobe is aiming to capture the hearts and minds of Web creators with Edge, bringing Flash-like authoring tools to HTML5.

Pandora ditches Flash for new site design

With a whole new look and improved function, Pandora is ready to release its new site on users starting this week.

Google launches tool to convert Flash into iPhone-friendly HTML5

Google has an experimental new product out that promises to convert Flash-based ads and animations into an OS X friendly HTML5 format.