FBI and Apple look into massive celebrity iCloud photo hacking

The FBI and Apple have both confirmed they're investigating an alleged iCloud hack that over the weekend saw private and in many cases highly personal photos and videos of A-list celebrities posted on the Web.

How to use iCloud

Apple's iCloud is far more useful than you might imagine — if you know how to properly use it. Check out our comprehensive guide on to use iCloud to make the most of the free software suite so you can store, sync and see all updates no…
Home Theater

Apple TV’s new firmware lets you stream straight from the cloud

Apple has released Apple TV 6.0, an update that allows AirPlay streaming from iCloud, access to iTunes Radio, and a handful of other features.

Apple services offline: iCloud, iMessage, iTunes down for some users

Several of Apple's most popular online services - iCloud, iMessage, and iTunes Music - have been inoperable for some users starting around midnight on August 22. Our report on what's down.

Apple unveils Google Docs-like ‘iWork for iCloud’ for both Macs and PCs

Apple unveiled its brand new iWork and iCloud app at this year's WWDC. The new app allows you to create documents in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote whether you're on a Mac, an iPad, or a Windows-based PC.

Dear Apple: Can iCloud ‘just work’ already?

Steve Jobs promised iCloud would be the center of Apple users' digital lives. Two years later, are we any closer to a service that "just works" — and that can propel the next generation of great apps?

Apple censors e-mails, attachments with the term ‘barely legal teen’

If you've suspected that you have lost e-mails in Apple's iCloud, it turns out that may be the case - But only if you were sending messages that the company may have found objectionable in the first place.

How to use Google Drive: tips, tricks, and best practices

Get the hang of Google Drive with this quick and easy-to-follow tutorial

Hands on with iTunes 11: Is this Apple’s best iTunes to date?

Apple's newly designed update to iTunes is here. We took a hands-on look too see what's changed with iTunes 11, and we can safely say we liked what we saw.

How iCloud’s reduced free storage compares to Dropbox, SkyDrive, and Google Drive

Apple recently announced it would be dropping the free storage offered through iCloud from 20GB to 5GB. Can it still compare to the likes of SkyDrive and Dropbox?

Opinion: I’m sticking with the cloud (and you should, too)

Recent security breaches and ownership issues have skeptics doubting whether the cloud should really be the future of computing, but ultimately, we still control our own online destinies.

People, not passwords: The real lesson from Mat Honan’s iCloud hack nightmare

No computer system is ever safe due to one simple fact: Humans are imperfect.