Scotland Yard nabs two hackers who posed as 16 year-old ‘Kayla’

More hackers have been caught this week thanks to an international police effort to crackdown on hacktivism. Scotland Yard has apprehended two men they believe are connected to the notorious hactivist groups LulzSec and Anonymous. The two…

Nokia developer network hacked for personal information

Nokia's developer network has been compromised, with members' personal information falling into attackers' hands.

Anonymous hackers deface Syria’s Ministry of Defense website

Anonymous members have hacked the website of Syria's Ministry of Defense, and replaced the official homepage with images of citizen unrest and brutality by authorities.

AntiSec hackers release data from over 50 law enforcement agencies

Potentially placing the lives of police informants in danger, the group of hackers known as AntiSec released a large amount of private data allegedly obtained from law enforcement agencies.

US gov’t building hacker army for cyber war

As the global cyber war heats up to unprecedented levels, the US goverment's national security complex is attempting to build up an army of "cyber warriors" to help fend off enemies. But will hackers take a job with The Man?

Alleged LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’ named, charged with cybercrimes

The 18-year-old police say acted as spokesman for hacktivist group LulzSec has been charged with a variety of crimes related to the group's cyberattacks.

LulzSec tricked UK police into arresting wrong guy, report says

The plot thickens in the the quest to apprehend members of LulzSec, with reports indicating that police were duped into arresting the wrong hacker.

LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’ arrested in UK

UK authorities have arrested another alleged member of hacker group LulzSec, a 19-year-old who goes by the name Topiary.

Anonymous and LulzSec call for PayPal boycott

Hacktivist groups Anonymous and LulzSec are urging users of PayPal to close their accounts, calling the online money-transfer site "a corrupt and greedy organization."

Firefox and Chrome tools block Murdoch-owned websites

Hacking attacks aren't the only headaches for the digital side of Rupert Murdoch's empire. New Firefox and Chrome additions allow people to avoid Murdoch properties on the Web.

AntiSec hackers claim breach of NATO security

Following the arrests of 21 alleged Anonymous and LulzSec hackers, the AntiSec coalition claims to have accessed the servers of NATO.

5 more arrested in LulzSec and Anonymous raids

Following yesterday's arrest of 16 American hackers, one British teenager and four Dutch men have been arrested in connection with Lulzsec and Anonymous.