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anonymous hacker gets decade slammer jeremy hammond

LulzSec, Anonymous hacker gets a decade in the slammer

Sometimes crime pays. Other times it doesn't. This is one of those times.
second lulzsec hacker charged with sony breach

Second LulzSec hacker charged with Sony breach

lulzsec suspect may escape extradition to the us cleary

LulzSec Suspect May Escape Extradition to the US

goodbye 2011

Digital Trends looks back on 2011


Anonymous says it breached

Video: Anonymous announces global plans

anon arrest

FBI arrests Anonymous and LulzSec suspects

Scotland Yard nabs two hackers who posed as 16 year-old ‘Kayla’

Nokia Windows Phone concepts

Nokia developer network hacked for personal information


Anonymous hackers deface Syria’s Ministry of Defense website


AntiSec hackers release data from over 50 law enforcement agencies


US gov’t building hacker army for cyber war


Alleged LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’ named, charged with cybercrimes


LulzSec tricked UK police into arresting wrong guy, report says


LulzSec hacker ‘Topiary’ arrested in UK

Anonymous and LulzSec call for PayPal boycott


Firefox and Chrome tools block Murdoch-owned websites


AntiSec hackers claim breach of NATO security

lulzsec and anonymous unite for operation anti security

5 more arrested in LulzSec and Anonymous raids

lulzsec returns hacks website of murdochs sun newspaper the

LulzSec returns – hacks website of Murdoch’s Sun newspaper

report second quarter one of worst on record for online security hacking

Report: Second quarter ‘one of worst on record’ for online security


AntiSec hackers target Apple servers

Anonymous’ third attack turns Arizona police and FOP into punching bags

LulzSec changes wardrobe, hits Brazil, Anguilla and Zimbabwe governments as AntiSec

lulzsec wages war with anonymous and 4chan releases 62000 logins

Anonymous releases counter-hacking manual

LulzSec hacker identities apparently outed by rival group


Sony PS3 hacker George ‘GeoHot’ Hotz ‘works for Facebook’


LulzSec calls it quits after 50 days of hacks

TeaMp0isoN hackers hit former British PM Tony Blair, leak address book

Australian ISPs to voluntarily filter net, nervous about hack reprisals

LulzSec hits Arizona police computers, reveals sensitive data

90 percent of companies have been hacked survey shows computer hacking

90 percent of companies have been hacked, survey shows

LulzSec hacked by TeaMp0isoN

FBI seizes DigitalOne servers in Virginia raid