Mac OS

MacOS X gets a splash of pretty colors with its new beta update wallpapers

The latest MacBook Pro adverts used various Color Burst wallpapers to really show off how pretty the new laptops are, leaving many an OS X user jealous. Fortunately, an upcoming beta update will come with those wallpapers.

Close to the Metal Ep. 13: Does MacOS Sierra prove Apple doesn’t care about the Mac?

Apple's newest version of Mac OS X - sorry, MacOS - offers a few interesting new features, including Siri. But is it enough to restore faith in Mac fanatics?

Prepare to lose: Fighting off alien invasion is harder than ever in XCOM 2

XCOM 2 puts players back in charge of a ragtag group of alien fighters, struggling against the odds to save humanity.

Boot up the Windows and Mac OSes of the past in your Web browser

If you've any interest in the operating systems of times gone by, you'll love this rundown of emulators that you can launch from your browser: Windows 95, Mac OS System 7 and more are included.
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Adobe releases Flash Player 10.3 update for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Adobe releases the 10.3 update for Flash Player, bringing a range of fixes, optimizations and new features to Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android platforms.

New MacDefender malware infecting unsuspecting Apple users

Macs are entirely susceptible to the likes of viruses, and a new one called MacDefender proves it.

Apple to unveil ‘future of iOS and Mac OS’ at WWDC 2011 on June 6

It's official: Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference will take place in San Francisco on June 6. The company says iOS and Mac OS will take center stage.

Rumors suggest new iMac and MacBook Pro in 2011

After a year focused on tablets and smartphones, Apple is supposedly bringing us some upgraded desktops and notebooks for 2011.
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Gmail creator has no faith in Chrome OS

The father of Gmail has plenty of inside experience at Google, but he does not see Chrome OS becoming a consumer hit.

Next Version of Mac Office Getting Outlook

It's taken many (many!) years, but Microsoft has committed to creating a version of Outlook for the Mac - and it'll be part of the next version of Mac Office.

Newton Trots Out MoGo Mouse for Netbooks

Newton Peripherals has unveiled a version of its low-profile MoGo mouse specifically aimed at netbook users.

iPhone Vulnerability, Mac OS X Rootkit Debut at Black Hat

The annual Black Hat security conference is underway in Las Vegas, with researchers demonstrating how to take over iPhones via SMS...along with a Mac OS X rootkit.