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Bioengineers share their biobot blueprints with the world

Five years ago, the team of bioengineers developed bio-bots that could move thanks to a power supply provided by rat heart cells. Now, the team wants to help other bioengineers build biobots of their own.

Lego is totally awesome, but Tenka Labs wants to make it smarter

A new California toy company is augmenting Lego toys and other projects with robotic cubes that use power, motor and lights to teach kids about science and engineering.
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Run by robots: Amazon’s high-tech supermarket may only need three employees

Amazon started testing a high-tech "grab and go" grocery store in Seattle shortly after unveiling the concept toward the end of last year. But a new report suggests it's planning a much larger version run mainly by robots.
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Boston Dynamics video shows ‘nightmare inducing’ new robot in action

Boston Dynamics is known for its freakish four-legged robots, but the robotics manufacturer has outdone itself in its latest endeavor -- an experimental wheeled robot that came straight from your nightmares.
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This personal cargo robot can move your stuff as fast as a bicycle

Gita wants to be your personal robot, carrying your stuff from A to B at speeds of up to 22 mph. The two-wheeled creation, which comes from the maker of Vespa scooters, can also follow a human or move along autonomously.
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There’s an android helping out at an airport in California

SoftBank's Pepper robot has been showing up at stores, train stations, and other facilities around the world since landing on the scene in 2015. Oakland International Airport is the latest place to extend an invitation.
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Researchers are programming robots to learn as human babies do

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon are taking a new approach to robotics. Using a $1.5 million grant from Google, they're programming robots and teaching them like human babies, according to reports.
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Panasonic’s autonomous robot may have your job someday

Panasonic is testing service robots in Narita, Japan, though it says there are "no plans" to roll them out permanently. Still, we're closer than ever to the autonomous bots from our favorite sci-fi series.

At CES 2017, revolutionary new technologies and products took center stage

CES 2017 stood out as one of the more revolutionary shows in recent memory. What does this say about the future of the tech industry? Are we headed for a new period of rapid innovation? It appears so.
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The machines ham it up again: We found the best robots at CES 2017

It's seems like every year at CES, the robots always seems to steal the show. This year is no different. Here are five of the coolest robots from CES 2017.

Thousands of jobs lost as Apple supplier Foxconn fully automates its factories

Apple supplier Foxconn is moving away from human labor and toward full automation -- and it's doing so in three phases. The move is controversial, as the company has already eliminated thousands of jobs.
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Stanford study concludes next generation of robots won’t try to kill us

A standing committee of artificial intelligence experts has issued a report on realistic artificial intelligence and robotics applications. Public perception that robots could turn on us is 'far beyond' current capabilities.