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Stanford study concludes next generation of robots won’t try to kill us

A standing committee of artificial intelligence experts has issued a report on realistic artificial intelligence and robotics applications. Public perception that robots could turn on us is 'far beyond' current capabilities.
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The EU is sponsoring a project to investigate a future 'plant-robot society'

The European Union's Flora Robotica program is a four-year initiative spanning six research groups across Poland, Denmark, Germany, and Austria, based on the idea of creating interesting plant-robot hybrids.
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Cute wearable robots will crawl all over your body to do your bidding

The future of wearables could be miniature on-body robots that crawl all over your body to create instant makeshift displays. Or so a delegation of MIT and Stanford researchers think, at least.

Robots are most likely to take the jobs of those who least expect it

In a situation of cruel irony, those most in jeopardy of losing their jobs to robots are in the greatest denial it will happen. People without college degrees are least likely to think their jobs are at risk from automation.
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Hands on with Cozmo, the little AI robot that could

Anki's new Cozmo robot may be powered by artificial intelligence, and it's surprisingly capable... but not consistently. We put it to the test for a week to see just what it can do.
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I ate a pizza made by a robot in the back of a truck, and it was delicious

Zume Pizza is the latest Silicon Valley startup to be making headlines, largely because of the way that it automates the pizza-making process. We took a tour of the company's facility to find out just how automated the process really is.
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South Korea is about to spend big money on making better robots

South Korea is already a major player in the robotics industry, but fresh government investment worth nearly half a billion dollars represents the countries biggest ever push into the fast-growing global market.
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Omron’s ping-pong robot is showing signs of improvement

Japanese electronics firm Omron wanted to build a ping-pong robot as part of a project to help improve its sensor technology. While its first version couldn't even hit a ball, the latest effort is finally getting the hang of the…
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Facebook Marketplace is neither Craigslist nor eBay, but it’s going to take big bites of both 3:04

Facebook Marketplace will let users buy and sell privately online, but it's simplified interface and features leaves it far from Craigslist or eBay status.
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More than meets the eye: This BMW can turn into a real-life Transformer

A Turkish R&D startup is turning BMWs into real-life Transformers. “They can move their head, neck, wrists, fingers, and so on,” Turgut Alpagot, Letvision’s sales and marketing director, told Digital Trends. "They’re…
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Toyota is going to sell a very small ‘buddy robot’ for $400 2:32

Remember Kirobo? The robot spent 18 months on the International Space Station in 2013 as part of an experiment to help improve robot-human interactions. Now a smaller version has been produced for buddy-seeking humans, and it's…
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Cybathlon event will push assistive technology, disabled athletes to their limits

Are you ready for next week's Cybathlon, the world’s first ever international sporting competition in which disabled athletes compete using bionic assistive technology? It sounds seriously awesome.