Tickets now available for Sony's PlayStation Experience 2016

Sony has confirmed the dates and venue for this year's PlayStation Experience event, where fans will be able to go hands-on with new hardware like PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Here’s why Europe gets fewer game demos packed with PlayStation VR

The European version of PlayStation VR comes bundled with 10 fewer games than its American counterpart, and Sony says this is due to localization. The company says that more demos could be made available digitally in the future.

Former PlayStation executive: Vita handheld gaming system was released ‘too late’

Former PlayStation executive Jack Tretton admits that the PlayStation Vita was released too late, and couldn't succeed due to mobile devices. Tretton was formerly the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Where's that coming from? Sony's clever glass speaker will keep guests guessing

It's easy to miss Sony's beautiful Glass Sound Speaker, because it looks more like a space-age candle lamp than a speaker, but there's no mistaking the crisp 360-degree audio. We've been listening to it.

‘Ruin and Rose’ blends high tech and human spirit for a truly unique ski film

Blending a post-apocalyptic, fictional narrative with a documentary ski film, ‘Ruin and Rose’ is a stunning, high-tech, cinematic experience that spans the deserts of Namibia to the mountains of Alaska.

Listen to this AI-composed song in the style of The Beatles

Who needs The Beatles, anyway? Algorithms are all the rage, after Sony's Flow Machines project successfully created two entire pop songs composed by artificial intelligence, one in the musical styling of the Fab Four.

Upcoming PlayStation 4 Games

Looking for a list of the biggest games coming to PlayStation 4 this holiday season? From 'Mafia III' and 'Final Fantasy XV' to the latest Dark Souls DLC and the long-awaited 'The Last Guardian,' here's what to expect.

Sony's Xperia X Compact is available in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg

Sony's high-end smartphones are traditionally accompanied by cheaper, smaller handsets. The Xperia X Compact packs many of the Xperia XZ’s best traits in a diminutive package, but does come at a cost. Find out how it stacks up here.

Sony shows off 42MP A99 II with 12 FPS continuous shooting

Sony brings innovation back to its A-mount cameras with the highly anticipated A99 II. This new camera looks to win over professional shooters with a 12 FPS burst rate, 4K video, and an impressive hybrid autofocus system.

Tomorrow’s modular, upgradable consoles will be quicker …. and more confusing

With both Sony and Microsoft releasing updated versions of their consoles, is there a possibility that the next Xbox and PlayStation will be modular?

Xbox One S vs. PlayStation 4 (2016): Which mid-generation console upgrade is worth your money?

Microsoft's new Xbox One S and Sony's PlayStation 4 "Slim" have bucked the generational gaming console trend. With newer, more powerful systems on the horizon, it bears asking: Which of these stopgaps is worth spending your paycheck on?
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iPhone 7 Plus and Jet Black 7 sell out ahead of launch day 2:42

Also: Pandora revamps their basic paid tier with a new price and new features and Sony breaks cover on a trio of high-end video and audio bits at CEDIA 2016.