Diagram shows PlayStation VR needs a lot more space than you may think

PlayStation VR requires quite a bit of clear floor space, according to a manual from PlayStation Asia. In all, you'll need about 60 square feet of total space.

Better than nothing? Sony profits from phones again

Sony has made some drastic changes to its mobile business over the past year, which appear to have paid off, even if it's only slightly. The company's mobile division has posted a profit in its latest earnings report.

Mysterious, Lumia-like smartphone could be Sony’s next Xperia

Sony is desperate for a hit with its next Xperia flagship, which may have finally seen the light of day. Leaked images reportedly show the handset in all its anodized glory, while a Croatian classified ad may have revealed the specs.

No PlayStation Plus? No problem: ‘No Man’s Sky’ doesn’t need it

Want to play No Man's Sky on PlayStation 4, but you don't have a PlayStation Plus subscription? No problem. The game doesn't require one, standing in contrast to the majority of the system's library.

3DR flies its Solo drone to new heights in bid for commercial business

Thanks its popular Solo drone, 3DR is a household name. Now, the company hopes to find new success in commercial markets, thanks to partnerships with Autodesk and Sony that help it provide full-service solutions to enterprise…

Pending Sony approval, 'Rocket League' cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One is ready

Cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One is ready pending Sony's approval. Psyonix has announced that all systems are in place, and within a few hours cross-play can be enabled worldwide.
Virtual Reality

PlayStation VR wants to put you in front of a 226-inch screen with its virtual cinema mode

PlayStation VR might be behind the Oculus RIft and Vive on features and release date, but it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. It's shipping with a VR cinema mode, which puts viewers in front of the virtual equivalent of a 226 inch…
Home Theater

Sony’s new flagship Z series TV just made us believe in LED again

Sony introduced today its new flagship TV, the Z series. We got up close at the launch event, and we're extremely impressed. Here's why we think the Z series deserved to be called a game changer.

Sony's Xperia X phones now available for purchase at several retailers

Sony has three phones in its new Xperia X lineup: the Xperia X Performance, the X, and the XA. All three boast 5-inch 1080p screens and aluminum bodies. Here's our hands on.

Nintendo more valuable than rival Sony thanks to popularity of ‘Pokémon Go’

Nintendo's stock market value has seen a significant boost since the successful mobile launch of Pokémon Go, with share prices effectively more than doubling and the company becoming more valuable than rival console manufacturer Sony.

Director Cory Barlog on why Kratos needs to control his anger in ‘God of War’

Creative Director Cory Barlog digs deeper into the amazing E3 debut of ‘God of War’, discusses Krato's anger issues, and tells us how 'Castlevania: Symphony of the Night’ inspired him.

PlayStation Neo pricing and release date leaked by Amazon

A now-deleted Amazon Spain product listing has seemingly revealed the price point and release date of Sony's souped-up PlayStation 4 hardware revision, code-named Neo. Signs point to an October debut.