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Forget single episodes, TiVo Mega can record entire channels with its 24TB drive

Today TiVo is introducing the TiVo Mega, quite literally its biggest product yet. The 24-terabyte server-like appliance can record more than 26,000 hours (or about three years’ worth) of TV shows before any deleting is necessary.
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Here’s why TiVo’s founders just crashed and burned with Qplay

The same duo that revolutionized TV viewing with TiVo just fell flat on their faces with Qplay, which folded within six months of launch. So what went wrong?
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The doomsayers were wrong: TiVo is doing better than ever

The popular DVR-maker announced today that it also added a record number of cable subscribers, contributing to the net 341,000 multiple-system operator subscriptions added in 2014 Q1. The figure reflects the amount of people that use a TiVo…
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Netflix sneaks into cable boxes while denouncing Comcast/TWC merger

Among a wealth of new moves announced in Netflix's quarterly letter to investors, the company announced plans to move into your cable box. Netflix also became the first major media source to denounce the Comcast/TWC merger. Click the link…
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TiVo racks up a series of wins, proving premium media devices are still relevant

TiVo announces an encouraging upward swing, posting a profit in the final quarter of last year, and showing plenty of room for expansion. Click the link to see how TiVo has kept the aging idea of premium DVRs alive and kicking in the…
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The Qplay streaming box hits the streets, but already faces some new competition

Qplay, the video-curation device from the co-creators of TiVo is now available in beta for $49. However, the device will have to contend with some serious competition in the cord-cutter marketplace, including Mohu's new Channels device…
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TiVo soars further into the cloud, purchases cloud-based Digitalsmiths for $135 million

TiVo is moving further into the cloud, announcing today the company will be acquiring cloud-based Digitalsmiths for $135 million. After firing a large portion of its hardware staff recently, this latest move begs the question: What's TiVo…
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Tivo survey indicates second screen still playing second fiddle

TiVo released the results of a new Social Media and Multi-tasking survey the company finished in November of last year. Among the results were the revelations that most people don't multitask often when they watch, an interesting finding…
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TiVo’s binge-watchers take the world record at CES 2014, then get carted off by EMTs

TiVo's participants in the quest for a binge-viewing Guinness World Record accomplished their goal Friday at CES, after 87 straight hours. The participants were allowed 5-minutes of break time per hour watched, and were monitored by TiVo…
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Think you’ve got a binge-viewing problem? You’ve got nothing on these guys

Three binge watchers will attempt to go down in history at this year’s CES, attempting to break the Guinness World Record by binge watching nearly 87 straight hours of TV. The TiVo-sponsored event will be hosted at a manufactured living…
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From the guys that created the TiVo comes Qplay, a different kind of media streamer

Co-founders of TiVo are looking to shake up the set top box industry with a new streaming device called Qplay. The box is designed to curate video content, allowing users to find videos, create playlists to share with friends, and, of…
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TiVo’s Roamio makes good on its name by letting you stream outside your home network

Got an iOS device? Got TiVo's Roamio set-top box? A new update allows users to watch their entire DVR catalog and live TV from anywhere with Wi-Fi on an iPhone or iPad.