Why Volkswagen's new SUV is so crucial to its future

Volkswagen's Chattanooga, Tennessee, plant just completed the first test body for a new midsize SUV that will carry the company's hopes and dreams for the U.S. market. Production will start later this year.

Need to tow? Volkswagen’s updated Amarok offers more power than ever

Volkswagen is updating the Amarok truck to help it fend off competition from a growing number of brands. The most noteworthy update is found under the hood, where the Amarok is offered with a V6 engine for the first time.

Volkswagen will buy back some diesel cars, modify others

After over six months, Volkswagen has reached a preliminary settlement with the U.S. government on how it will deal with nearly 600,000 diesel cars equipped with emissions-cheating software.
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Volkswagen may try to clean up ‘dieselgate’ mess with buy-back plan

Volkswagen is in trouble after admitting to cheating on emissions tests for a huge number of cars, now they may offer to buy them all back. Plus: augmented reality tech t-shirt shows anatomy, cancer treatment research uses…

To amend for Dieselgate, Volkswagen will buy back nearly 500,000 US vehicles

On April 21, Volkswagen went before a federal judge in San Francisco and agreed to buy back or repair 500,000 diesel vehicles in the U.S. The vehicles were fitted with illegal software used to fool emissions tests.

Could this high-tech Volkswagen concept preview the next-generation Touareg?

Volkswagen will show a brand new concept during this year's Beijing Auto Show, which Digital Trends will attend. The yet-unnamed design study is a premium SUV that could preview the next-generation Touareg.

VW has a new US CEO, but still no plan for its offending diesels

Volkswagen named Hinrich Woebcken, its current North American brand boss, as its new U.S. CEO as part of a restructuring. He replaces Michael Horn, who stepped down from the post last month.

Should we add the Volkswagen Beetle to the endangered species list?

The Volkswagen Beetle might be phased out once again in a little over two years. A new report finds the retro-inspired hatchback will be axed at the end of its life cycle because sales are low at best.

VW’s next bit of diesel damage control may be to cut executive bonuses

Volkswagen may cut executive bonuses as pressure from the ongoing diesel scandal continues. Elements of the company's management believe bonuses are excessive given the cost of the scandal.

Volkswagen takes advantage of new regulations to build a faster Polo rally car

Volkswagen has published preliminary details about the Polo R that will compete in next year's World Rally Championship season. The rally car gets a more aggressive-looking body kit, and a 380-horsepower turbo four.