Has Volkswagen delayed its next S-Class-fighting Phaeton flagship for cost reasons?

Volkswagen is busily developing a new Phaeton, but the flagship has reportedly been delayed. The company is trying to boost its operating profits so it's redesigning certain parts of the Phaeton in order to make it more affordable to build.


Total recall, yet again: Volkswagen and Mazda recall over 600,000 vehicles

Avoiding disaster before it happens appears to be the name of the game for Volkswagen and Mazda, who have recalled a combined total of some 613,000 vehicles, citing issues with steering loss and faulty airbags as the culprits.


Tianjin explosion destroys over 8,000 new cars in China

The tragic explosion in Tianjin, China has caused untold amounts of devastation and anguish, and the car industry is not immune. Approximately 8,000 new vehicles were destroyed after the blast enveloped a car lot, with even more suffering irreparable damage.


Volkswagen readies an onslaught of crossover coupes, led by the 300-HP Tiguan R

Volkswagen will reportedly launch several new Tiguan variants, including a 300 horsepower Tiguan Coupe R. The Coupe R will borrow the Golf R's powertrain and all-wheel drive system to challenge the Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG.


Meet the in-car tech that will make the next Volkswagens smarter than ever

Car companies aren’t known for moving quickly, but VW’s Electronics Research Laboratory in Belmont, California is working to make sure the next generation of in-car tech lives up to Silicon Valley standards.


Volkswagen will launch higher performance versions of the next-generation Golf GTI

Volkswagen has revealed that the next-generation Golf GTI will feature new variants with tiered performance. The 420 HP Golf R400 will still be the range-topping Golf, but a new Clubsport will slot just below it.


Volkswagen reveals its ‘Last Mile Surfer’ electric scooter to avoid parking lot blues

Volkswagen has revealed its 'Last Mile Surfer' electric scooter designed to fit in a vehicle's trunk. The scooter has a 12-mile electric range and will cost $1,100 dollars.


VW combining automated valets and self-charging cars with the V-Charge project

Volkswagen has announced its support of the V-Charge project, an EU research endeavor to develop self-parking, self-charging vehicles. The V-Charge system works with a smartphone app that can park a vehicle and later recall it back to the driver.


Volkswagen will add two new crossovers, including a subcompact and stylish cross coupe

Volkswagen has announced plans to add two new crossovers to its lineup in the near future. One model will be based on the Taigun concept and the other will be based on the CrossBlue Coupe.


Volkswagen boss hints at new tech that will increase the range of electric cars

Volkswagen could go a long way toward curing range anxiety with new battery technology that allows electric cars to travel 186 miles on a charge, if the new tech lives up to the hype.


Assembly line robot fatally injures a worker in Volkswagen factory

A 21-year-old car factory worker in Baunatal, Germany, was fatally injured by an assembly line robot on Tuesday. He was installing the machine, whereupon the robot grabbed him and forced him against a metal plate.

Cool Tech

Volkswagen tests renewable diesel fuels, and the results look promising

Volkswagen recently completed a two-year test of renewable diesel fuels in production cars on real-world roads. Engineers say the fuels performed the same as crude-based diesel, but with lower emissions.


Volkswagen’s next-gen Phaeton will rival the Mercedes S550 hybrid in form and function

Volkswagen's next generation Phaeton full-size sedan will reportedly have a plug-in hybrid version. Advanced technology, a luxurious cabin, an a bargain price tag will be the standout features of the 2017 model.