World of Warcraft

Blizzard creates cross-game economy for ‘WoW,’ ‘Overwatch,’ and ‘Hearthstone’

Blizzard announced that World of Warcraft players can now exchange WoW Tokens, which can be purchased for in-game gold, and then spent on items or bonuses in Blizzard's other games.

10 game mechanics we hope someone rips off in 2017

It's been said that good artists borrow, but great artists steal. That's true nowhere more than in game design. Here are 10 great mechanics that we hope someone steals and re-purposes in 2017.

Blizzard celebrates 20 years of ‘Diablo’; cross-franchise event starts December 31

Twenty years ago, Diablo the Lord of Terror first brought his unique brand of evil to the world of Sanctuary, and today in celebration of nearly a quarter century of his reign, he’s invading a few other worlds as well.

Unofficial 'World of Warcraft' server returns game to 'vanilla' state this month

A playable legacy version of World of Warcraft will launch later this month, returning veteran players to the realm of Azeroth as it existed prior to the launch of Blizzard's many expansions and gameplay overhauls.

Upcoming patches for 'World of Warcraft' will expand Legion content

Raids, dungeons, new epic bosses to fight, and even the hint of an entirely new planet, Blizzard teased a lot at this year's Blizzcon, detailing much about what we can expect in upcoming patches for World of Warcraft following the Legion…

Gaming the grind: How to level efficiently in World of Warcraft

The latest expansion for 'World of Warcraft' is out, and people are returning to Azeroth in droves. Whether you're trying it for the first time, or you're returning after being out of the loop, here's how to power through the levels.

Blizzard’s ‘Warcraft Adventures’ surfaces 18 years after project was scrapped

More than 18 years after the project was officially canned, Blizzard's long-lost point-and-click adventure game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans has surfaced as a downloadable PC game via unofficial channels.

'World of Warcraft' lead designer's Bonfire Studios secures $25M in funding

Rob Pardo, lead designer of Blizzard's massively popular PC MMORPG World of Warcraft, is heading up a new development studio dedicated to creating online multiplayer games, according to a New York Times report.

Blizzard launches ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ companion app allowing more mobile access

A new app from Blizzard allows World of Warcraft players to keep endgame quests and their base of operations ticking over from their smartphone, then reap the rewards once they return to the game.

Xur from ‘Destiny’ spotted in upcoming ‘World of Warcraft’ expansion

The Legion expansion pack for World of Warcraft is currently in closed beta. However, players have already discovered a cool Destiny Easter egg in the form of Xur, a merchant selling exotic goods in Bungie's first-person shooter.

Abusive chat should drop after ‘World of Warcraft: Legion’ pre-expansion patch

Blizzard "only" took 10 years to implement a silencing system for abusive language in World of Warcraft. In its pre-expansion patch for Legion, the developer is getting serious about curbing bad behavior.

Blizzard comments on why it shut down Nostalrius fan server

If you don't protect your intellectual property when you can, the law might not be on your side when you need to. That seems to be the case with Blizzard and the fan-run World of Warcraft server Nostalrius, which the publisher recently shut…