Rob Enderle

Rob Enderle

Former Digital Trends Contributor
Rob is President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group, a forward-looking emerging technology advisory firm. Before founding the Enderle Group in 2003, Rob was the Senior Research Fellow for Forrester Research and the Giga Information Group. He holds an AA in Merchandising, a BS in Business, and an MBA. He sits on the advisory councils for Lenovo, Toshiba, AMD, HP, Dell, the Trusted Computing Group, and the Lifeboat Foundation. Rob’s hobbies include sporting clays, PC modding, science fiction, home automation, and computer gaming.

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Get ready to print out gadgets as easily as you now print out wedding invitations: 3D printers may be ready to make the leap from expensive industrial tools to convenient appliances for the everyman. And the shift could produce some unlikely winners.

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