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The 34 best Apple Watch apps to download

Whether you’re wearing an original Apple Watch on your wrist, or the updated Apple Watch Series 2, you’re going to want to know the best apps out there for making the most of your newfangled smartwatch. However, to find them, you’re usually presented with the age-old problem of trawling through the thousands of apps already available. The Apple Watch is a functional device that does certain things really well. To make your life easier, we’ve collected together the best apps for the Apple Watch and broken them down into several destinct categories. Enjoy.

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Health and Fitness

Nike+ Run Club (Free)


Nike’s running app comes pre-installed on the special Nike edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, but it works with all Watches, and supports GPS on the Series 2, whether it’s the Nike model or not. Track runs, get personalized fitness plans, compete on leaderboards, and even have fun with special Nike stickers for iMessage.

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Runtastic (Free/$5)


If you use Runtastic to track your running and other fitness activities already, the Runtastic Apple Watch app will fit right in with your workout. From your Watch, you can start your run, get live tracking data, control music, share workout times, and if you have your phone with you, then it’ll use GPS. There’s a free version of Runtastic, or the Pro version with no ads and more features.

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iTunes Free iTunes Pro

Lifesum (Free)


If Apple’s own fitness tracking app isn’t enough, then you may want to try Lifesum, a complete guide to getting healthier, fitter, and more motivated. It works with HealthKit and other apps. It prompts you to make small but important changes to your everyday life, that can end up having a larger cumulative effect. The app is free, but there is a subscription plan.

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Peak – Brain Training (Free)


The Apple Watch doesn’t just help your body stay in shape, but your mind, too. Peak is part cognitive brain workout and part quick gaming fix. There are 40 games, each designed by neuroscientists and gamers, and three — tailored around improving memory and attention span — are specifically made for playing on the Apple Watch.

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