Amazon adds PBS to the Amazon Prime streaming library

amazon-instant-streaming-fox-showsIn the ever growing battle over video streaming content Amazon just gained some more ammunition. Amazon announced on Wednesday that they have signed an agreement to stream content from PBS, both current shows and archived collections. With this deal in place Amazon will have 12,000 streaming titles for its Prime customers, which is more than double the titles the service launched with in February.

The new deal will bring all current shows to Amazon’s streaming service. This includes popular titles such as NOVA, Masterpiece, and Antiques Roadshow. Also for the first time ever on digital video Amazon will offer 200 episodes of Julia Child’s The French Chef.

This is the second big content deal for Amazon in recent memory. In September they also signed a deal with Fox to bring shows to the streaming service. We expect to see even more deals being signed by Amazon in the coming months as they are competing with Netflix for content. Netflix recently lost content from Starz, but quickly signed a deal with the Discovery channel to help bolster its stats.

Amazon’s streaming service is currently a free perk to all Amazon Prime members. The service is available on 300 devices so far, and hopefully more to come. The new 7 inch Kindle Fire tablet will be able to view all of the Prime content, and will even come with a free month of Prime to get new users hooked.

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