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Best Prime Day Amazon device deals for 2021: Best sales you can still shop

All the latest Amazon Prime Day Amazon device deals and sales

Prime Day 2021 is over. Even though there are still bargains to be had at sales like the Walmart Deals for Days sale, if you’ve had your heart set on a new Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, Echo speaker, Fire TV device, or something else in Amazon’s growing stable of products, your very best chance for a stellar deal just passed. But that doesn’t mean you are totally out of luck and have to wait for Black Friday. There were tons of great Prime Day deals on almost every type of product this online retailer sells and most of those deals are over, but there are still deals available, and we’re listing the best here. So, now’s the time to shop — and we’ve rounded up all the best bargains right here, along with a quick guide to help you shop.

The best Prime Day Amazon device deals still available

Should you buy a new Amazon device in the last-minute Prime Day sales?

Amazon always goes all-out for Prime Day, and that’s certainly the case when it comes to slashing prices on its own product lines. That means there really isn’t a better time than Prime Day to buy any of these devices. At the most, you can expect to see similar prices for Black Friday, but the markdowns won’t be bigger — and you’ll have to wait until November. In any case, after Prime Day ends, Amazon snaps back the deal prices to the full list price — but that hasn’t happened yet in all cases. Typically the prices don’t begin to soften again until either a few weeks have passed or another sales event.

Amazon’s product ecosystem is pretty expansive, so if you don’t have a particular device in mind before you set out to shop these Prime Day Amazon device sales, it’s easy to get choice paralysis when browsing. Check out our buying guide below to get a better idea of what particular Prime Day Amazon device deals to keep an eye out for or if you need help deciding which product is right for you. That said, Amazon makes top-quality stuff, so if you see an offer that you like, there’s no point in hesitating as these products are among the best in their respective categories.

Finally, note that these Prime Day Amazon device deals aren’t just limited to Amazon. Best Buy also carries Kindle, Echo, and Fire devices and tends to run the same discounts concurrently with Amazon, which is great news for the many shoppers who don’t have a Prime subscription and thus may not be able to take advantage of member-exclusive Lightning Deals. You can also often find ongoing deals for Amazon devices on third-party retail sites.

How to choose an Amazon device on or after Prime Day

Amazon sells plenty of different devices of its own creation, from Echo smart hubs featuring its voice assistant, Alexa, to touchscreen tablets, Kindle e-book readers, and Fire TV streaming devices. Let’s take a look at just what different Amazon devices are available right now so you can find the best Prime Day Amazon device deals for you.

Amazon’s most popular smart home devices are its Amazon Echo speakers and smart displays, and the lineup has expanded quite a bit in recent years. With the release of the new 4th-gen Echo and Echo Dot, you get to enjoy a cool looking spherical smart speaker that has all the wonders of the traditional Echo speakers, such as being able to use your voice to control all your smart home technology, or simply to ask questions to the built-in Alexa smart assistant. The Amazon Echo Dot is available in different color schemes, with or without a built-in clock, and a kids’ edition that looks super cute with an animal’s face on it. Amazon also still supports the 3rd-gen Echo Dot due to the puck-shaped speaker’s continued popularity, bolstered by the fact that its super-cheap price keeps it flying off the shelves.

The Echo and Echo Dot speakers are far from the only noteworthy mentions in the Echo range, however, with the Echo Show smart display offering the same experience backed up with a screen for when you need to be able to see what’s going on, too. The entry-level Echo Show 5 is a great basic smart display for your nightstand, while the more feature-rich Echo Show 8 is our favorite and strikes a perfect balance between functionality and price. If money is no object and you want a touchscreen-enabled Alexa smart home command center, the new Echo Show 10 is the one to buy.

Looking for a new tablet instead? If you’re solely focused on reading e-books, then the Kindle range with the regular Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, and Kindle Oasis is a no-brainer. They’re fantastic reading devices with e-ink screens that make reading feel as natural as looking at pages in a book. The basic Kindle is still a great no-frills e-reader, while the Kindle Paperwhite adds water resistance, Bluetooth connectivity for audiobooks, and an improved display. As the most advanced e-reader in the Kindle family, the Kindle Oasis is the obvious choice for serious (e)bookworms. There’s also the Kindle Kids Edition which comes with some free child-friendly material, built-in parental controls, and a rugged shockproof case.

If you want a more full-fledged tablet (which can still be used for reading e-books, although you’ll have to give up the paper-like e-ink display), there’s the Fire tablet range that features the Fire 7, Fire HD 8, Fire HD 10, and new Fire HD 10 Plus. All offer a solid portable entertainment experience with all the advantages of Alexa, Amazon Prime, and much more, although the Fire HD 10 is the clear winner if you want a proper tablet for anything more than basic use. They’re competitively priced, too. Each tablet also has a Kids Edition which, like the Kindle Kids Edition e-reader, comes with some extra family-friendly content and parental control features, along with a protective case and two-year “no questions asked” warranty.

Finally, there’s the Amazon Fire TV series of streaming devices. The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Stick 4K are a cheap way of adding streaming services to your regular HDTV. Devices like the Fire TV Cube and Fire TV Recast build upon that with a plethora of features to expand upon live TV watching, too. For many though, the regular Fire TV Stick is perfect, giving you access to all your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more, while also providing Alexa support so you don’t have to touch the remote.

Any or all of these post-Prime Day Amazon device deals can let you smarten up your home and enjoy your favorite content however you like. Prime Day is the easiest time to find good deals on Amazon devices, but you can still find sales pretty much year-round.

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