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The Best ECOVACS Prime Day deals: Hands-free cleaning and intelligent vacuum-mop combos

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Amazon’s Prime Day is back, and its own tech, devices, and gear aren’t the only things worth shopping during the big event. This year there’s a definite focus on more practical items, like cleaning supplies, food, and other items you might need — but can get at an excellent discount — as opposed to electronics like TVs, game consoles, tablets, and beyond. But one tech item that should be in every home is a smart cleaning solution, or rather a smart vacuum and mop combo, precisely like what ECOVACS offers. Each model is different, but for the most part they offer hands-free cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on your busy life, and not have to worry about all the messes that you leave behind, that your kids might make, or that your pets might create. In the interest of brevity, we’ve collected all of the best ECOVACS deals that are live as part of the event, and you can peruse those below.

ECOVACS DEEBOT N8 PRO+ — $300, was $700

N8 PRO+ docked in home
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Most smart vacuums are expensive, inordinately expensive — we get it. But the N8+ PRO is an entry-level vacuum and mop that offers a host of intelligent features, for a low price, and that’s before you even consider the Prime Day discounts going on right now. And just because you’re sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you’ll sacrifice features, as this vacuum and mop combo is smart, capable, and convenient. That explains why the N8 PRO+ has become the top choice for over 500,000 users.

It’s compact and won’t take up much space in a small living area, plus it’s Alexa-compatible so you can control it with your voice, in addition to letting it clean on a schedule. With multi-floor mapping, intelligent laser navigation technology, and obstacle avoidance built-in, you don’t have to worry about it getting stuck somewhere and it will always finish cleaning before returning to its dock. That dock also provides an auto-empty feature, allowing the vacuum to return and continue emptying its dustbin for up to 60 days.

But here’s the best part. Because of the ECOVACS Prime Day discounts, it’s at its lowest price point ever — $300, saving you $400.

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ECOVACS DEEBOT T20 OMNI — $1,000, was $1,100

T20 OMNI hot water mop washing

ECOVACS makes it clear that the T20 OMNI is the industry’s first robot vacuum and mop combo cleaner with hot water mop washing. When it returns to its dock after a cleaning session, the entire system will clean out the mops so they’re not continuously making a mess with each trip. How awesome is that? You’ll be interested to know that within the first 10 days of its launch the T20 OMNI was awarded the New Release Label, and now has the Amazon’s Choice Label. Moreover, the T20 Family has sold 170,000 units worldwide since it was launched four months ago.

Beyond that, it packs a ton of features that you would want in a smart vacuum and mop. Some examples include 6,000 Pascals of suction power, a rubber brush to free stubborn dirt and debris, an auto-lifting mop to keep carpets, rugs, and soft surfaces clean while mopping, and auto adjusting suction power — it matches the right amount of suction to the floor type. Deep edge cleaning will get close to the walls and in corners, positing it as one of the first on the market to offer such a thing.

You also get auto hot water washing, auto hot air drying, auto emptying, and one-tap self-cleaning, so you can spend more time doing what you love instead of monitoring or maintaining the system. Better yet, the Prime Day discount drops the price of this vacuum to an all-time low. While the discount isn’t as significant as some of the other offers, the price offers great value for an OMNI product.

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ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI — $900, was $1,550

X1 OMNI laser navigation and cleaning tech
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Offering one of the most advanced smart vacuum and mop systems from ECOVACS, the X1 OMNI comes with the all-in-one OMNI station, plus AIVI 3D technology for industry-leading navigation. The docking station handles auto mop washing, auto hot air drying, auto water refills, and auto emptying to keep your hands entirely free from minor maintenance. That’s why the X1 OMNI has become a top household choice for 1,000,000 families based on cumulative worldwide sales.

With its unique obstacles avoidance technology the X1 OMNI can move around without running into smaller items littering the home like toys, shoes, and much more. You never have to worry about it getting stuck, especially if you’re not home to rescue it. You’ll always come home to a clean and spotless floor. The OZMO Turbo 2.0 dual mop rotating system, will clean even stubborn messes like spills, so you’re in good hands with this vacuum and mop combo. Now’s also the perfect time to mention, with the Prime discounts, this vacuum is at its lowest price ever and likely will never be this low again.

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