Glas.t protects your iPhone with another layer of glass

glas t protects your iphone with another layer of glass screen

The glass screen on the iPhone is relatively durable, but if you’re not careful or haphazardly carry your iPhone around in your purse all the time, chances are you could end up with at least a few scratches. Not only are these annoying to constantly look at, but they will significantly lower the value of your iPhone should you ever want to sell it in order to upgrade to the newer and better version. To avoid this, many of us use regular old screen protectors. As much as we hate the glare and fingerprint-prone surface of typical screen protectors, even the highest quality films seems to have problems. Even an expensive matte version will likely end up with an air bubble or two, reduce screen brightness and clarity, and come off too easily. 

With all of this in mind, the clever minds over at Spigen created the Glas.t tempered glass screen protector ($28). This thin (.4 mm) layer of tempered glass securely fits to your iPhone with a thin layer of silicone adhesive and will protect your phone’s screen from everything from your house keys to a pair of sharp scissors. The glass is chemically-treated, reinforced for shock absorption, and if shattered will break into tiny non-sharp pieces for extra safety. It also features an oleophobic coating that will prevent fingerprints and make it easier to clean. 

We like the idea of protecting the iPhone screen with another layer of glass and we’re pleasantly surprised at the reasonable price, especially considering that a pack of two matte screen protectors is somewhere around $20. Now we just need someone to perfectly install it for us.