Three (smudge-proof) versions of the iPad 2 rumored to be released in spring

SmudgeHow well the iPad compares to the Kindle as an e-reader has already been assessed, and from most sources, traditionally in the Kindle’s favor. The screen doesn’t get as streaky, it’s much better in outdoor light, and of course, it resists fingerprints much better than the iPad. But word is Apple has taken note and the forthcoming iPad 2 will have feature a smudge-proof screen that also holds up against outdoor glare.

Inside sources revealed to Digitimes that Apple is working on the improvements for the tablet upgrade. The site also claims that three different versions of the new iPad are in development and that Apple plans to release all three when the device hits the market this spring. Digitimes’ source claims that one will be Wi-FI only, another will feature both Wi-Fi and UTMS capability (the 3G technology that AT&T and T-Mobile carry), and a third will include CDMA (the 3G technology Verizon and Sprint use) access in addition to Wi-Fi.

If this is true, it could confirm earlier rumors about the iPad 2 being available on various networks. The report also pinned a launch sometime in March or April 2011, a push back from original speculation that said the device would be introduced as early as February.

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