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Where is 5G available? Our 5G network map has the details

5G may not be widely available just yet, but it's getting there. Here's where you can find 5G in the U.S.
Qualcomm 5G at CES 2019

T-Mobile and Sprint have merged. Here’s what subscribers should know

T-Mobile and Sprint have merged, but could take years to integrate.
t mobile one vs simple choice hq sign feat 2x3

Sprint will pull the plug on Virgin Mobile next month

Sprint-owned Virgin Mobile is shutting down beginning next month. Customers who have the service will be transferred over to Boost Mobile, which Sprint also owns.

What is 5G E? Explaining AT&T’s misleading network on smartphones

Now that the 4G network has already "evolved," network giant AT&T controversially plans to rebrand potentially millions of 4G smartphones to make it appear as though they are on 5G networks.
An icon indicates 5G E on a mobile phone