Sprint claims AT&T's 5G E network is 'deliberately deceiving consumers'

Now that the 4G network has already "evolved," network giant AT&T controversially plans to rebrand potentially millions of 4G smartphones to make it appear as though they are on 5G networks.

National Enquirer responds to Jeff Bezos’ blackmail claims in nude photo scandal

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos claims The National Enquirer had blackmailed him into dropping an investigation. He alleges that the tabloid tried to tie his hands by threatening to publish his nude photos.

Self-driving startup Aurora attracts major Amazon investment

Amazon is showing a growing interest in autonomous technology, having recently taken part in a $530 million funding round for Silicon Valley-based self-driving startup Aurora Innovation.

Mozilla exec calls on Congress to restore 2015 net neutrality protections

After citing several negative examples on how the FCC's decision to repeal net neutrality had hurt consumers and businesses, Mozilla's COO wants Congress to restore the 2015 order to protect an open and free internet without gatekeepers.
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Twitter users are declining but more people are seeing ads every day

Twitter's end-of-the-year report for 2018 is a mix of good and bad news. The good news is that more users are seeing adds daily, the metric the company will focus on moving forward. But the bad news is that monthly active users are…

FaceTime bug: Lawmakers demand answers from Apple’s CEO

Apple is in hot water with U.S. lawmakers over its recent FaceTime bug. A House of Representatives committee says it's "deeply troubled" by the "significant privacy violation," and is now demanding answers.

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts is leaving after five years in the job

Apple's retail boss is leaving the company in April after five years in the job. Angela Ahrendts, who joined Apple from Burberry, will be replaced by Deirdre O'Brien, who's been at the tech company for 30 years.
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J.C. Penney will no longer sell appliances or furniture in its stores

J.C. Penney is removing appliances from its stores and switching furniture sales to online-only purchases in order to bring back more traditional products and improve the overall shopping experience.
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Consumer Reports pulls its Dyson stick vacuum recommendation

Consumer Reports removed all Dyson stick vacuum cleaners from its recommended products list due to reliability problems. The consumer product testing group found nearly half of Dyson stick vacs break within five years.

Spotify buys two podcast companies, and plans to spend even more

Spotify purchased major podcasting companies Gimlet Media and Anchor, making the streaming music company the second largest podcast platform behind Apple as it seeks to turn audio into as lucrative a business as video.
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YouTube boss admits even her own kids gave the ‘Rewind’ video a thumbs down

YouTube's 2018 Rewind video went down like a lead balloon at the end of last year, becoming the most disliked video in its history. And now YouTube's CEO has admitted that even her own kids thought it was pretty darn awful.

Tesla buys a company that could help make the next breakthrough in batteries

Tesla purchased a company named Maxwell Technologies that specializes in battery tech and capacitor technology. Capacitors store and release energy much faster than a conventional battery pack.

American consumers think Apple is leading the way in 5G — but it’s not

While Samsung and Huawei are expected to unveil 5G smartphones this year, Apple will most likely lag behind and finally launch a 5G iPhone in 2020. Despite that, American consumers seem to think that Apple is a leader in the world of 5G.

All U.S. 2020 Toyotas will have a trial subscription to SiriusXM satellite radio

This fall, with the introduction of the 2020 model year vehicles, all Toyotas sold in the continental U.S. will include SiriusXM satellite radio installed with a three-month trial subscription of SiriusXM All Access.

Apple will roll out a fix to the huge FaceTime security bug next week

A FaceTime bug lets you listen to the audio of the person you're calling before they've even answered. The bizarre flaw was discovered this week and Apple says it will have a solution at some point next week.

Verizon's Visible just got its cheapest phone yet: The ZTE Visible R2

There's a new mobile service provider on the block, and as it turns out, it's being backed by a player with plenty of experience. Visible is a new startup from Verizon that offers super-low-cost service that is also unlimited.
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With merger complete, SiriusXM tries to figure out what to do with Pandora

The merger between SiriusXM and Pandora, which has been in the works since September, is now complete. This will be the year that the combined entity will have to figure out how to make the most of the two audiences.
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Walgreens’ smart fridges scan your face and remember your behavior

Walgreens smart fridges will scan your face and remember your behavior in select stores piloting a retail technology called Cooler Screens. The first smart coolers were installed in a Walgreens in Chicago on January 14.