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Alex Stamos, former CSO of Facebook, is interviewed by Recode's Kara Swisher

Facebook gets a bad rap, former exec says, but we should break it up anyway

The rise of hate speech, the trolling, the comment on Facebook? Not Facebook's fault, says Alex Stamos, former chief security officer, in a fireside chat with Kara Swisher at the Collision conference. But the site should still be broken up. And Google too.
ev williams kara swisher social media collision 2019 20190521 115023

Twitter co-founder Ev Williams still wants to save the world

Social media has led to a mental health crisis in Gen Z and a rise in hate speech. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel, according to Ev Williams, the co-founder of Twitter and Medium. But weaning ourselves off today's social media won't be easy, he told Kara Swisher at the Collision conference.
gm is closing its maven car sharing service in eight cities

GM hits reverse with Maven carsharing as it closes service in eight cities

GM-owned Maven will close its carsharing service in nearly half of the 17 North American cities where it currently operates. Competing with the likes of Zipcar and Car2Go, the company said it wants to concentrate on the markets where it has the "strongest current demand and growth potential."
pixel 2

Gmail logs your purchase history, undermining Google’s commitment to privacy

Google has tried to portray itself as privacy-focused, including an op-ed from CEO Sundar Pichai in the New York Times saying privacy should not be a luxury good. But Google tracks many of your online purchases, even if they are bought from a non-Google affiliated store like Amazon.
instagrams new explore grid tempts you to open your wallet mobile technology applications

Instagram’s new Explore grid tempts you to open your wallet

Instagram has made some changes to its Explore tab that might tempt you into the occasional shopping spree. A newly designed navigation bar pins a Shop button to the front of the bar and offers access to category filters. It's also planning to add Stories to the grid, alongside photos and videos.
Call Screening Pixel 3

FCC could require carriers to block robocalls. Here’s why they didn’t before

The FCC is considering making legal protections for carriers that want to block robocalls, and perhaps even require them to be blocked by default. In the past, carriers were worried about the legal implications of blocking legitimate robocalls, but these new protections could help make that less of an issue.
Share your food and leftovers with the OLIO app

American Express expands its dining app services by purchasing Resy

American Express is continuing to snap up apps and services within the lifestyle bracket. Today, the financial giant announced it is purchasing the restaurant reservation app Resy, adding the app to its already formidable arsenal of apps, services, and startups.
amazon air cargo hub prime plane

Jeff Bezos breaks ground on $1.5B Amazon cargo hub for 100 Prime Air planes

Amazon has all kinds of plans to speed up delivery times, but none come bigger than the $1.5 billion air cargo hub that it's building in Kentucky for up to 100 Prime Air cargo planes. At a ground-breaking ceremony for the hub on Tuesday, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos dropped in to do the deed.
major tv shows that never won an emmy hulu parks and rec gallery

Here’s why Disney’s Hulu takeover won’t matter for a while

With Comcast ceding control of Hulu to Disney while it preps its own streaming platform, Disney is now in complete control of the service. That's great news for Disney, but it won't mean much for regular Hulu subscribers who enjoy NBCUniversal programming — not for now, at any rate.
episode 129 group 0

Digital Trends Live: Amazon’s packaging machines, Tamagotchi returns, and more

On today’s Digital Trends Live, we discuss today’s top trending tech news, including: Amazon’s new packaging machines could replace 1,300 jobs, Apple’s credit card goes to employees first, Lyft eyes long-term car rentals, the Tamagotchi returns to America, a new robot that climbs walls, and more!
app store

Apple might have to open iPhone to other app stores — here’s what that means

The Supreme Court ruled that an antitrust case against Apple can go ahead. The case is over whether or not Apple is a monopoly because of the way that it operates the App Store, and prevents the iPhone from being able to download apps from other stores. Here's what the ruling could mean for you.
walmart google home deals bundles hub  lifestyle 2

Google is ending its Works with Nest system. Here’s what that means for you

Google is ending its Works with Nest program. This means that in a few short months, many smart devices will no longer work with Nest. Google is making this change as part of a broad rebranding strategy for its smart home products and a focus on privacy. Here's everything you need to know about the changes.
fubotv ad supported free tv channel turner networks

FuboTV CEO says company will launch ad-supported free TV streaming soon

FuboTV will be launching a free, ad-supported live streaming TV channel, according to the company's CEO. Few details are available, but the move appears to be a way for the company to attract viewers to its paid subscription platform while earning money from advertising revenue.
Requesting an Uber ride

The Uber, Lyft strike appears to be a flop, but it might have spooked investors

By all accounts, Wednesday's Uber and Lyft strike wasn't very successful, or well attended, with a handful of picketing drivers showing up in most cities. Where it may have had an effect though is on Wall Street as Uber heads for its IPO on Friday.
google qualcomm development kit assistant on headphones

Google and Qualcomm want to make more smart headphones with the Google Assistant

Google and Qualcomm have released a new development kit aimed at making it easier for manufacturers to add Google Assistant support to headphones and headsets. The development kit is now available, and supports the use of push-to-talk to communicate with the Google Home app on your smartphone.
Workhorse W-15

Workhorse could give a castoff GM factory new life building electric trucks

General Motors could sell an idled Ohio factory to Workhorse Group, a company that specializes in electric vehicles. The factory could go from building compact cars to electric pickup trucks. General Motors ended Chevrolet Cruze production at Lordstown in March.
google io 2019 android q permissions and security privacy

Google I/O: Android Q aims to bring app permissions firmly under control

We've all been there -- an app is asking for permission to access your SMS history, and you're extremely suspicious as to why. Google wants to put an end to permission anxiety in Android Q, and is introducing new permission controls that put you in control of your device's permissions.
lowes presidents day deals on dyson nest and samsung outdoor cam digital wired security camera with night vision 6

Google goes all-in on Nest with a total rebrand of its smart home devices

Google and Nest have been together since 2014, but now they're really together as Google Nest. Products like Google Home Hub are being rebranding as the Google Nest Hub. Other changes to Nest accounts and privacy and security measures are also underway, but that could spell trouble for IFTTT users.

Everything announced at Microsoft Build 2019, from Edge to Azure

Microsoft has a lot of exciting news at this year's Build conference and much of it was announced during the major keynote address to kick things off. In the lead up to the rest of the exciting Build show, here's everything we learned about what Microsoft has coming up in 2019.
Audi Del Rosso

Audi of America president abruptly resigns after just six months on the job

Audi of America President Mark Del Rosso is stepping down after less than six months at the helm. Audi has not provided any specifics as to why Del Rosso is departing so suddenly, or whether it was his choice to step down. Current Executive Vice President and COO Cian O’Brien will fill the role on an interim basis. 
A red Tesla Model 3 at dusk.

Tesla’s Model 3 qualifies for owner tax incentives in Canada

To help Canadian Tesla Model 3 buyers qualify for a rebate, Tesla cut the price and limited the range of the Model 3 Standard Range version. Anyone who buys the limited-range car will get the rebate, but can only drive 93 miles per charge. Because of the range and price cut, however, others can also get the rebate.
Dell XPS Tower 2017

Dell’s small business deals drop up to 45 percent off XPS and Vostro desktops

Dell's desktop are now discounted by as much as 45% as part of the company's small business promotion. While most of the systems are geared toward the SMB market, with select OptiPlex, Precision, and Vostro systems on sale, the XPS Tower is also discounted, making it a good fit for office or home use.

U.K. government minister fired over Huawei 5G leak accusation

Huawei's involvement in the U.K.'s 5G network infrastructure continues to be controversial, with leaks and high-profile government firings surrounding it. The final decision around the company’s involvement has yet to be finalized by the government, and we’ve got all the details on the story here.
google assistant gaining on amazon alexa homepod

Survey says Siri and Google Assistant are the most used voice assistants

Alexa might be extremely popular because of smart speakers, but it still has a way to go to catch up to voice assistants the are built into smartphones. A recent survey conducted by Microsoft found that Apple's Siri and Google Assistant tied for the most used voice assistants on the market.
vodafone roaming 40 countries europe cellphone service retail

British telecoms company Vodafone found backdoors in Huawei equipment

The British telecoms giant Vodafone has disclosed that it found potential backdoors in Huawei equipment used in its telecoms systems multiple times in multiple years. This will fuel fears from many that the Chinese company isn't to be trusted, but it seems Vodafone still backs Huawei.
Spotify IPO CEO

Spotify is first music service to hit 100 million paying subscribers

Though it's still in second place in the U.S., globally Spotify is on a tear. The company revealed in its Q1 2019 report that it had hit 100 million paying subscribers worldwide, making it the first streaming music company to achieve the milestone. It has also stayed profitable, though challenges remain.
Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 in-ear headphone review

Massdrop rebrands itself as Drop, launches slate of new products

Massdrop wants to have a slightly more memorable name, and has rebranded itself to simply "Drop." Not only that, but the company also launched a series of new products, including new headphones, and a new mechanical keyboard, which offers RGB lighting and a sleek design.
airline tech savvy united airlines  economy inflight entertainment 1280x853

United Airlines covers seatback cameras to allay privacy concerns

United Airlines has decided to cover the cameras on its latest seatback entertainment displays. The move comes a couple of months after some Singapore Airlines passengers expressed privacy concerns over such cameras. Both airlines have said the cameras aren’t connected and they have no plan to activate them.
Apple Logo

Apple is recalling faulty plug adapters over risk of electric shock

Apple is recalling certain three-prong AC wall plug adapters shipped with Mac and some iOS devices between 2003 and 2010, and also sold as part of the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. The company said that in rare cases it could break and, as a consequence, create a risk of electric shock if touched.
avengers endgame trailer marvel cinematic universe poster 3 2 crop

Weekend box office: Avengers: Endgame’s opening weekend breaks all the records

Marvel Studios blockbuster Avengers: Endgame exceeded pundits' already lofty predictions with a massive, $350 million opening weekend in U.S. theaters and a $1.2 billion premiere worldwide. The film broke all kinds of records, of course, and is on pace to break quite a few more in the weeks to come.
Sony PS5 PS4 release launch fiscal year report analysis sales

Sony’s fiscal year report confirms no PS5 launch before March 2020

Sony recently released its consolidated financial results and there were some enlightening takeaways regarding the PS4 and upcoming PS5. The current-gen hardware suffered a small decline in sales, but software grew. The company is planning to spend operating incoming on its next generation, but not on marketing.
movie ticket prices 3d theater

With Sinemia gone, are movie subscription plans too good to be true?

Amid a class-action suit from subscribers over unexpected fees, complaints about a broken app, ongoing revenue woes, and a lawsuit from its biggest competitor, MoviePass, Sinemia has closed shop in America, casting the future of theatrical movie subscription services into doubt.
Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon will reportedly launch a hi-fi version of Amazon Music Unlimited

A new report suggests that Amazon is in the final months of preparation for the launch of a new hi-res tier for its music subscription service. If true, it might launch later this year, for around $15 per month, making it the first of the big streaming giants to take this step.
Stock photo of Intel 9th gen core processor.

Intel’s CPU shortage is no longer affecting Microsoft’s sales

Microsoft is no longer worried about Intel’s CPU shortage affecting Windows sales. Microsoft’s Windows sales are surviving the shortage of Intel’s 14nm CPUs just fine as manufacturers pivot to using other processors like AMD. And Intel may face another shortage this year.