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zillow home loans mortage lender p1010120

Zillow won’t just help you find a house, it will be your mortgage lender, too

Zillow doesn't just want to help you find your dream home. It also wants to be your mortgage lender. The company announced today that it is getting into the lending game with its new service Zillow Home Loans. The service will be available in nine markets to start, with plans to expand.
Child Phone Tracking

Verizon’s Just Kids plan helps parents keep their children within reach

Choosing when to give a child a smartphone isn't just about responsibility; it's about being able to make sure your child is safe while using it -- and to make sure they aren't costing you more money. Verizon wants to make it a much easier decision with the introduction of the Just Kids plan.

Pandora to start testing A.I.-powered interactive voice ads

If you spot someone in the street talking to ads on Pandora in the coming months, then no, you’re not going mad. It's part of a trial by the music streaming service that will use interactive voice ads to encourage responses from listeners so brands can learn what elements of a product they’re most interested in.
Planet Earth: The Complete BBC Series

Discovery partners with BBC on nonfiction streaming service

In the latest subscription streaming announcement, Discovery has unveiled its plan to launch a nonfiction on-demand service with the BBC, giving exclusive rights to stream such monster hits as Planet Earth and Blue Planet, along with Discovery titles. It's expected to launch in 2020 for around $5 per month.
apple airpower charging mat announcement 2017 feature

Hang on to your Lightning cables: Apple just canceled AirPower

When Apple unveiled the iPhone X, the company finally dipped its toes into the world of wireless charging, announcing support for the Qi wireless standard. In addition, the company also unveiled its own AirPower wireless charging mat. Now, however, that wireless charging pad has been cancelled.
fubotv basketball

FuboTV hikes price by $10 per month as streaming market matures

In what has become a trend in recent months among live TV streaming providers, FuboTV is raising its monthly rate to $55 per month, from $45 per month for all new subscribers. Though existing customers are as yet unaffected by the move, they could see increases later this year.
movie ticket prices 3d theater

Infinity and Atom are the latest players in the movie ticket subscription game

As if the movie ticket subscription market wasn't already a tough place to make a buck, with incumbent player MoviePass seemingly teetering on the edge of collapse, now two new players are look for a slice: Atom Tickets and Infinity both have plans to launch services in 2019, but with very different approaches.
airbnbs most popular rental in the world is a california cabin mushroom dome

Airbnb’s most popular rental in the world is a California cabin

Airbnb's most popular rental globally is a tiny dome-topped cabin in California. The revelation came as the online accommodation service celebrated half a billion guest arrivals globally since its launch in 2008. Airbnb currently offers around six million places to stay in more than 80,000 cities around the world.
trump administration led light rules 16245319320 d8935521cd k

Trump administration might undo Obama-era LED light rules

The Bush administration made incandescent light bulbs a thing of the past, and the Obama administration attempted to extend it. But the Trump administration wants to roll back a Department of Energy rule that would require specialty light fixtures to move away from wasteful incandescent lightbulbs.
microsoft surface hub 2 with tiling arrives 2019

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 will get its own coming-out party on April 17

Microsoft's Surface Hub 2 will be revealed shortly: The software giant is holding a press event in conjunction with Steelcase on April 17 to showcase the future of working collaboratively, leading many to believe that the Surface Hub 2, and perhaps the 2X, will make their first major appearance.
apple file system

Judge recommends U.S. iPhone import ban for infringing on Qualcomm patents

Just a few weeks after a San Diego judge found that Apple infringed on three Qualcomm-owned patents, an International Trade Commission judge has found that Apple infringed on another Qualcomm patent -- and recommended an import ban on certain iPhone models in the U.S.
how to download podcasts

Spotify adds mystery and crime to its podcast arsenal with Parcast acquisition

Spotify continues to add to its growing collection of podcasting assets, this time with the acquisition of Parcast, an L.A.-based podcast studio known for its lurid, true-crime and mystery titles, that have garnered a significant audience since the company began in 2017.
facebook stories on desktop tested sign

Man pleads guilty to scamming Facebook and Google out of more than $100M

One of the men behind an elaborate fraud that saw Facebook and Google each hand over tens of millions of dollars has admitted to his part in the scheme. Lithuanian Evaldas Rimasauskas, who was extradited to the United States in 2017, faces up to 30 years behind bars when he’s sentenced in July.
GameStop storefront from outside.

PlayStation does the smart thing, stops selling digital codes at physical stores

Sony will no longer offer PlayStation full-game digital downloads at retail stores. The games will now only be available directly from the PlayStation Network's own digital store. Currency cards containing the amount you need to buy a particular digital game will still be available.
Nokia 7.1 Review

Nokia phones are being investigated for allegedly sending data to China

Nokia could be in some hot water when it comes to privacy. According to recent reports, Nokia 7 models may be secretly sending data to China without the user knowing about it. Nokia says that the issue was a software bug and that it has been fixed, but Finnish privacy watchdogs will still investigate.
Amazon Fire TV Streaming Stick 4K

Tipping point? Streaming subscribers outnumbered cable in 2018 for first time

2018 was a very good year for the entertainment business as a whole, but it was especially good for streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon. Their total subscriptions eclipsed those of cable companies for the first time, on a global basis, according to a new MPAA report.
the new samsung gear vr will retail for 99 tim sweeney  founder and ceo at epic games 1

Epic Games is offering $100 million to game developers with no catch

Epic Games launched a new grant program called Epic MegaGrants. The program will dish out $100 million in funds to developers working in the 3D graphics community, even if they don't use Unreal Engine. Those making games, movies, programs for enterprise, or tools or add-ons are all encouraged to apply.
ea suspends star wars battlefront ii microtransactions review 284

A new hope is lost as Disney dismisses rumors of a revival of Lucasfilm Games

According to job listings on the Disney website, the company has plans to revive Lucasfilm Games. This comes as a surprise following the shuttering of LucasArts in 2013 and could potentially mean more Star Wars games. Lucasfilm Games was renamed as LucasArts in 1990 after a company reorganization.
Waymo One

Waymo boosts robo-taxi plans with new service center in Arizona

Waymo has announced plans for a facility in Phoenix, Arizona, that will help to service, maintain, and grow its fleet of autonomous Waymo One cars. The vehicles operate as part of the company's robo-taxi ridesharing service that launched in the area toward the end of 2018.

Patreon is having another go at changing the way it charges creators

Patreon messed up pretty badly the last time it tried to change its payment system, with the subsequent backlash forcing the company to abandon the rollout. Now it's having another go, and this time the changes mainly affect future sign-ups rather than its current community of creators.

Disney’s Deadpool? Netflix worries? What Disney’s billion-dollar Fox deal means

Now that Walt Disney Company has closed its $71.3 billion purchase of 21st Century Fox's movie and television assets, what does this future hold for franchises like X-Men, the Fantastic Four, The Simpsons, Avatar, Alien, Planet of the Apes, and the rest?
british airways new club suite for business class comes with a door 4

British Airways’ new Club Suite for business class comes with a door

British Airways is going after a bigger slice of the business class market with the imminent launch of the Club Suite. The plush seating offers a more private space and does away with the 2-4-2 configuration that left high-paying passengers having to clamber over each other to reach the aisle.
4 women tech leaders jasmine crowe feat

4 women innovators who are using tech to help others live better lives

Meet four female leaders who are not only at the forefront of technology today, but who are also using tech to help others. From robotics and medicine to food and undergarments, see how these four women are using technology to help make the world a better place.
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs. iPhone XS Max

Why premium is the most overused, and least understood, word in tech

Everyone has heard the word premium, and many of us will have purchased a premium product; but what does premium actually mean, and why is it used so much in tech? There's not one correct answer here, but it's helpful to understand why company's invest so much in advertising using the word premium.
Tesla Model Y official

Can electric cars be S3XY? Tesla says yes with the new Model Y crossover

Tesla introduced a new crossover named Model Y at its design studio in Los Angeles. It's a more spacious alternative to the Model 3, and a smaller sibling to the Model X. All-electric, the Model Y is on-sale now through a reservation system, and the first deliveries are tentatively scheduled for 2020.
Apex Legends Becker College Esports Scholarship

First Apex Legends esports scholarship takes you from filthy casual to pro

Massachusetts-based Becker College is the first college in the nation to offer a scholarship for Apex Legends. The path-to-pro program gives players $5,000 upon admittance to the school. A combine event will be held in April and current students are also eligible to try out.
boeing 737 max ban gettyimages 1135360132

U.S. hops on Boeing ban bandwagon, grounds 737 Max planes until further notice

The U.S. government issued instructions that Boeing must ground all 737 Max aircraft operating inside the United States. The ban comes days after a deadly crash of an Ethiopian airliner killed 157 people, prompting countries around the globe to issue their own orders until the cause of the crash can be determined.
top tech stories 05 12 2017 google logo hq headquarters sign name

Google may cancel future laptops, tablets as it makes cuts to hardware team

Google has seen plenty of success with Chromebooks and recently launched the Pixel Slate, but the release of future hardware could now be in question. According to a report from Business Insider, the company is reassigning dozens of employees in its laptop and tablet division as part of "roadmap cutbacks."
An icon indicates 5G E on a mobile phone

What is 5G E? Explaining AT&T’s misleading network on smartphones

AT&T is rebranding potentially millions of 4G smartphones to make it appear as though they are on 5G networks, explaining that technologies deeply linked to faster 5G networks already exist on 4G. Competitors argue this is false advertising -- and Sprint plans to fight it in court.
singapore adds finishing touches to changi airports stunning jewel 4

Singapore’s stunning airport complex could be a tourist destination in itself

Singapore’s Changi Airport could be the first airport in the world where you might actually want to go to hang out. Why? Because it’s about to open the Jewel, a beautifully designed shopping, dining, entertainment, and accommodation complex that also features an abundance of greenery.
social media isnt just for youngsters anymore new research finds senior citizen internet

Smart home technology may help senior citizens remain independent

Smart home technology has offered a wide variety of benefits to homeowners from security to child care to entertainment but a new survey from the Consumer Technology Association finds that elderly citizens may be more willing to adopt the technology in order to remain independent.
lighthouse airbnb

Airbnb buys HotelTonight to accommodate last-minute travelers

If you've ever left it late to book a room on Airbnb and couldn't find anything, the company's acquisition of last-minute booking app HotelTonight looks like good news. HotelTonight launched in 2010 and currently offers hotel rooms in more than 1,700 cities in around 35 countries.
A Waymo autonomous vehicle.

Waymo wants to sell lidar sensors, but not to self-driving car companies

Waymo wants to make deals for its Laser Bear Honeycomb lidar sensor. The self-driving car unit of Google's parent Alphabet aims to partner with companies that have non-automotive applications for the 3D perimeter sensor. Waymo hopes to scale its self-driving technology in applications such as robotics and security.
best amazon tech deals 5 25 2017 online tablet shopping

Google Images gets shoppable ads to help you spend even more money online

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, Google is now testing shoppable ads within image search results. It means retailers can add tags that show the price and brand name of the displayed product, or of multiple products shown in a single image.