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best amazon tech deals 5 25 2017 online tablet shopping

Google Images gets shoppable ads to help you spend even more money online

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Instagram and Pinterest, Google is now testing shoppable ads within image search results. It means retailers can add tags that show the price and brand name of the displayed product, or of multiple products shown in a single image.
amazon to close its pop up stores but retains big interest in retail store

All of Amazon’s U.S. pop-up stores are about to pop off

Amazon has confirmed that it's closing all 87 of its pop-up stores in the U.S. as part of an overhaul of its retail strategy. Despite the closures, the company retains a strong interest in brick-and-mortar retail, with bookstores, 4-star stores, Amazon Go, and Whole Foods all part of its growing empire.
the lighthouse security camera 3

Apple’s latest purchase suggests it’s making moves in the home security sector

Apple purchased the patent portfolio of the now-defunct startup Lighthouse in late 2018. The patents include 3D-sensing technology that suggests Apple may have its eye on the home security market, an arena where its competitors Google and Amazon already have a strong foothold.
bitcoin stock

Bitcoin mining profits are on the rise. But don’t buy your own hardware just yet

Gross margins for Bitcoin miners are on the rise again after a year of continual downfalls. While this doesn't guarantee it will remain profitable forever, it seems as if the downturn may have been reversed for now, while trades in the cryptocurrency continue to grow from month to month.
2019 Subaru Viziv concept

Subaru’s latest Viziv concept car is pumped full of adrenaline

The Subaru VIZIV Adrenaline is the seventh member of the Japanese automaker's family of VIZIV concept cars. It debuts at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, with design features that will influence future Subaru models. Subaru is transitioning to a new design language dubbed simply "Bolder."
Impossible Burger 2.0

Thanks to Motif, food startups don’t need a lab to make lab-grown meat and dairy

The Beyond Meat burger tastes a lot like real meat, but they had to spend a lot of money to do that. Motif Ingredients hopes to make that possible for companies large and small by becoming the nascent industry's ingredients supplier.
best tax software 2019 deals taxes

Amazon discounts TurboTax, H&R Block, and Quickbooks tax software

Do you dread doing your taxes? Luckily for you, there are plenty of tax software options available to guide you through and simplify the process. And guess what? Some of them are even on sale today! Check out deals from TurboTax, H&R Block, and more.

5G at MWC 2019: All the major announcements from U.S. carriers

Mobile World Congress 2019 may have been the home of a number of smartphone announcements, but it's also where carriers gave updates on the rollout of their cutting-edge 5G networks. Here are all the big announcements from U.S. carriers at Mobile World Congress 2019.
Amazon logo on the

Amazon reportedly planning an all-new grocery chain separate from Whole Foods

Amazon may be about to bolster its retail presence even further, with a new report suggesting it’s planning to launch a new grocery chain separate from its Whole Foods business. The new store would offer a broader range of items at cheaper prices, and could open its first site before year-end.
Microsoft Band 2

Microsoft Band: Users of the defunct fitness tracker offered a refund

Three years after it stopped making the device, Microsoft is finally ending support for its Band fitness tracker. The good news is that current users, if there are any still out there, can obtain a partial refund. Owner of the original band can get a useful $80, while those with a Band 2 can receive $175.
Sony PlayStation Vita Slim review front screen angle

Sony officially ends PlayStation Vita production after 7 years of struggle

Sony has officially ended production of the PlayStation Vita, which was a commercial failure despite being an upgrade to the successful PlayStation Portable. The handheld console bids goodbye seven years after its North American launch, though this is not a surprise as there have been signs of its demise.
thailand floating solar panels mzizmtuxmg

Thailand’s ambitious new solar plants will float on dams and reservoirs

Thailand has some big plans for solar energy. The country's state-run Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand is planning to build floating solar power stations at eight dams. The first one could start construction as early as next month. Here's what you need to know.
tubi tv app

Tubi TV inks deal to add 400 films and TV shows from NBC

Ad-supported video streaming service Tubi TV is getting a massive influx of titles courtesy of a new deal with NBCUniversal, which will offer nearly 400 of its titles to Tubi TV's impressive catalog, including classic shows like Xena: Warrior Princess and the original version of Battlestar Galactica.
etsy to offset carbon emissions from deliveries

Etsy follows Amazon with its own effort for a greener business

Etsy has announced it's now taking steps to offset 100 percent of its carbon emissions generated by shipping, making it the first global ecommerce company to take such action. It means that every time a customer buys an item on its site, it’ll purchase verified emissions reductions to support environmental projects.
how to start online store stocksnap wp1khdxgoy

How to start your online business in just six simple steps

When you've decided to become an entrepreneur, starting your business is both exciting and challenging. Making the right choices now can greatly impact your success down the line, and the last thing you want to do is spend your energy revisiting old decisions instead of growing your company.
Amazon HQ

FTC levies huge fine on merchant for fake, paid-for Amazon reviews

Fake, paid-for reviews are an ongoing problem for shopping websites like Amazon, but the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently came down hard on one perpetrator, fining it millions of dollars for deploying bogus reviews in a bid to score more sales of a weight-loss product.
facebook terragraph california speed terragraph01

Facebook to boost California internet options with Terragraph 5G Wi-Fi

Facebook's open source Terragraph technology is already seeing adoption from California-based Common Networks to expand its offerings of high-speed wireless internet. Speeds can reach a gigabit per second for just $50 a month and Common Networks doesn't even need to outlay millions for underground fiber.
OnePlus 5G prototype MWC

OnePlus, Qualcomm launch contest to help developers create 5G apps of tomorrow

We've seen a lot of exciting 5G hardware at MWC 2019 -- but what about the software? OnePlus is partnering with Qualcomm and British telecoms company EE to offer app developers the chance to create apps that take full advantage of 5G's strengths, and some serious support is on offer for the winners.

TCL shows off its 5G-capable USB data terminal at MWC 2019

MWC 2019 isn't just about the big flashy devices -- it's about the more subtle stuff too. TCL has followed up its foldable smartphone prototypes with the news that it's very close to releasing a powerful, 5G-enabled USB data terminal in partnership with Chinese telecommunications giant China Mobile.
5g quacomm mwc news cristiano amon  president of qualcomm

5G will herald a new invention age, Qualcomm says at Mobile World Congress

Unlimited data consumption, more like electricity than data, and the analytics and A.I. to study that vast flood of data, will enable billions of things to be connected. It's a huge transformation for the industry, and if the promised changes come true, a vast change to society, too.
tcl folding phones mwc 2019 foldaphone featured

Wrap it or bend it. TCL’s foldable concept phones can put a screen in any format

From Samsung to Huawei -- everyone's pumping out foldable phones. So is TCL -- but it's not focused on being the first to market, it wants to be the best. TCL has taken to MWC 2019 to show off its new DragonHinge for foldable phones, as well as some new budget offerings from Alcatel.
Samsung Galaxy s10 plus hands-on

Samsung’s wide range of Galaxy products means there’s something for everyone

Samsung launched a host of new products on February 20, with prices ranging from just $35, all the way up to nearly $2,000. This was not by chance, and the company believes it has something for everyone in 2019, regardless of what phone you own now, or what phone you dream of owning. We spoke to the company about it.
multi lens camera firm light is putting up to nine lenses in a smartphone phone

Sony partnership with Light aims to take smartphone photography to new heights

Camera firm Light has partnered with Sony to develop new reference designs for multi-image sensor solutions for smartphones with four or more cameras. They hope to bring their computational imaging expertise together with Sony's market-leading sensor development to elevate smartphone photography.
Cell tower FM radio

Here Technologies’ cellular map can tell when you’ll lose coverage on the road

Here Technologies' wants to make it a little easier for companies to know where cellular coverage is available on the roads. The company has announced a new coverage map that offers data about road coverage, which could be extremely important as we head into a world of connected cars.
worlds longest flight takes almost a day and flies to new york singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines passengers unsettled by cameras in seat-back displays

A number of passengers flying with Singapore Airlines recently expressed concern over cameras embedded in seat-back displays on some of its aircraft. But the carrier insists the cameras have been disabled and that it has no plan to develop any features using the devices.

Mamma mia! Alfa Romeo will unveil a new model at the Geneva Auto Show

Alfa Romeo told Digital Trends it will unveil a new model at the 2019 Geneva Auto Show. It stopped short of revealing what it has in store, but rumors claim it will be a crossover positioned below the Stelvio. The yet-unnamed model could become Alfa's best-seller, because it will compete in a fast-growing segment.
Hobbit Battle of the Five Armies orcs

Amazon ups the ante with Netflix, aims to release up to 30 movies a year

Netflix has a seemingly endless appetite for spending money on both licensed and original content alike. But Amazon Studios isn't far behind. A recent interview with studio chief Jennifer Salke revealed an annual budget in excess of $50 million and up to 30 theatrical and direct-to-Amazon Prime titles.
Snapdragon X55 5G

Need speed? Qualcomm unveils the Snapdragon X55, the world’s fastest 5G modem

Ahead of a wave of 5G smartphones to be unveiled at MWC 2019 in Barcelona next week, Qualcomm is preparing for an even faster future. On Tuesday, the silicon giant unveiled a second-generation 5G modem for the following wave of smartphones, promising blistering download speeds as high as 7Gbps.
couple con amazon out of tech goods boxes

Can Amazon deliver on plan to slash carbon footprint of shipments?

Amazon has announced an ambitious plan to halve its shipment carbon footprint by 2030. The company says improvements in electric vehicles, aviation bio fuels, reusable packaging, and renewable energy make the goal reachable, and should ultimately lead to zero-carbon shipments to customers.
marriott android app credit card info open

Marriott asking guests for data to see if they were victims of the Starwood hack

Marriott has created an online form to help you find out if your data was stolen in the massive Starwood hack that came to light at the end of 2018. But take note, it requires you to submit a bunch of personal details. The massive breach affected more than 300 million guests.
Samsung 4K UHD Blu ray Player 6

Samsung will stop releasing new Blu-ray players in the U.S.

Samsung has confirmed reports that it is now exiting the Blu-ray market entirely in the U.S. The move comes after Oppo Digital exited the market last year. The news may be a sign of things to come in when it comes to the future of 4K Blu-ray and the physical disc movie format.
virgin voyages starts booking cruises 1 rdr ste massive suite day v02 05 1600x900

Cruise like Mick Jagger: Virgin Voyage’s new ship boasts RockStar Suites

Virgin Voyages, the new cruise company from the Virgin Group, is now taking reservations for the 2020 inaugural season. The company says the RockStar Suites are designed to help travelers feel like rock stars, going beyond the usual cruise luxuries. The company is now booking trips departing from Miami.

Breaking: Amazon won’t build headquarters in New York in face of opposition

Amazon canceled plans for a New York City HQ2. Citizens, civic groups, and New York politicians are pushed back on Governor Cuomo and New York City Mayor de Blasio's exclamation of economic joy over Amazon's earlier decision to open a satellite headquarters in Queens. Now it's over.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Coffee Meets Bagel dating app data may have been breached

Are you planning on using Coffee Meets Bagel to find love on Valentine's Day? If you've been using the app for a while, you'll probably want to change your password -- the company said a data breach may have occurred prior to May 2018, and may have resulted in emails, names, and more being accessed.