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instagram shopping icon

Why Instagram’s dreaded Shopping tab is a big win for small businesses

Instagram's new Shop tab could benefit small online businesses, but it will require looking below the surface of an almost criminally manipulative UI redeisgn.
ibi smart photo manager 1

Keep your digital photo and video collection safe with Ibi, now just $100

The Ibi smart photo manager is an easy and modern solution for storing, sharing, and organizing all of your digital photographs, and it's on sale right now.
register for dell women entrepreneur network dwen

Businesswoman? Learn about DWEN, Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

DWEN is a fantastically useful network for female entrepreneurs and businesses, offering extensive support around the world as well as special offers.
worklife episode 26 featured

Work/Life: How to remain focused during times of distraction

Ciara Pressler talks about how to remain focused during the constant distractions, chaos, and confusion of the times we're living in.
Four people on a video call for a monthly sales meeting.

The best videoconferencing software for Windows and MacOS

If your team needs to start doing more remote work, you need a videoconferencing solution that can handle it. Our top picks are the perfect place to start.
apps for business

The best apps for small businesses

From calendars to time tracking and accounting tools, there are some apps every small business needs. We've picked some of the best around right now.
HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1202w Printer

Save $30 on the HP Neverstop 1202w Laser Tank Printer today

HP has created a an efficient printer that saves you and your business money by eliminating expensive toner cartridge replacement. It's $30 off for 48 hours.
digital trends live episode 450 index

Virtual march on Washington, Tesla cyber attack, and more| Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech topics, including the virtual march on Washington, Tesla’s cyberattack, Facebook's Horizon, and more.
worklife episode 25 featuredimage

Work/Life: How to remain authentic without losing your privacy

Ciara Pressler talks about how to remain authentic in your work without oversharing or overstepping personal boundaries in a way that might work against you.
worklife episode 24 worklifeimage

Work/Life: How and why to look your best during video calls

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler, author of Pregame and Game Plan, talks about the importance of looking good on your videoconference calls.
dropbox doc scanner on android header pictures collaboration apps paper

The best productivity apps for Android and iOS

If you're trying to get a team on the same page, then you need a way to collaborate. These are the apps that will take your productivity to the next level.
staples offering best deals on select printers office chairs plus free shipping chair

3 office chair deals you can’t afford to miss today

Get the OfficeBest Ergonomic Desk Chair, Flash Furniture Mid-Back Swivel Chair, and Berlman Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair at Amazon for as low as $50.
worklife episode 23 worklifethumb

Work/Life: How to find passion in your work

On this Work/Life, we take a look at the positives and negatives of pursing passion in our work and how we can balance those passions into a healthy life.
how to start online store stocksnap wp1khdxgoy

The best marketing apps for small businesses

Smartphone marketing apps are becoming increasingly important for small businesses. These are the best marketing apps on iOS and Android for small businesses.
work life episode 22 screen shot 2020 07 17 at 2 15 pm

Work/Life: How to make a big ask, from favors to compensation

On this Work/Life,we discuss how to make a big ask in your job, from favors to negotiations, and how to advocate for yourself and get ahead in your career.
digital trends live episode 422 unnamed

Twitter hacked, Instagram’s Reels, World Emoji Day | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top stories in tech, including the Great Twitter Hack of 2020, U.S. and U.K. warnings of a Russian hack, and more.
worklife episode 21 worklifeimage

Work/Life: How to fill in the gaps on your résumé

Ciara Pressler of Pregame discusses the do's and don’ts of keeping your résumé up to date so you can still be in the game when it comes to finding new work.
worklife episode 20 thumb

Work/Life: How to live out your values in the workplace

How does one take action and be a force for good at their job while still respecting the work and other employees? Find out on this episode of Work/Life.
worklife episode 19 worklifethumb

Work/Life: Addressing issues of racism in the office

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler discusses the importance of addressing and combating issues of racism in the workplace, and how to go about it.
worklife episode 18 worklifethumb

Work/Life: Continuing education in a time of recession

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler talks about the pros and cons of continuing one's education and going back to school during a brutal recession.
digital trends live episode 388 mad20 se 16x9

Digital Trends Live: Uber goes hourly, EA renews Madden, Galaxy Buds review

On Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech news, including an update on Trump versus social media, Uber’s hourly function, EA renews Madden, and more.
facebook shops

Facebook’s Shops give small businesses an Etsy-like place to sell goods online

Facebook Shops would look and feel like a Facebook page where business owners can easily list their items and where customers can make a direct purchase.
nice alliance pandemic security cameras allaince camera 2

Post lockdown, smart cameras could help enforce mask use and social distancing

Smart cameras can monitor social distancing rules, but what if existing security cameras could instead be adapted to identify facial masks and overcrowding?
google meet takes on zoom with launch of free version

Zoom video chat rival Google Meet releases free version

The web giant this week announced it has completed work on a free version of its video chat tool -- Google Meet -- and has now rolled it out globally.
worklife episode 17 1174961102456541 n1plnkf7adxqcv02fns2 height640

Work/Life: The importance of reaching out for help, and how to do it

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler discusses the challenges many of us face when it comes to asking for help in our business and personal lives.
digital trends live episode 375 mv5byzrhodm5ntgtmjfios00nddklwizndgtmza2ntgwytc0nzgxxkeyxkfqcgdeqxvyodewmtc2odq  v1

Digital Trends Live: Plandemic video, Twitch eyes reality TV, Instant Pot review

On this Digital Trends Live, we dive into the biggest tech stories of the day, including YouTube and Facebook removing the Plandemic conspiracy video and more.
A close-up of someone using Microsoft Teams on a laptop for a videoconference.

What is Microsoft Teams? A look into Microsoft’s collaboration platform

If you're looking for a new online collaboration tool, Microsoft Teams is one of many options. Here's why it might be the best meetings tool for your workplace.
how to change your background in microsoft teams

How to change your background in Microsoft Teams

Your background in Microsoft Teams doesn't have to stay the same. You can blur or change it. Our guide will show you how it works and how to do it quickly.
worklife episode 16 worklife42420

Work/Life: The art and balance of effective self-promotion

On this episode of Work/Life, Ciara Pressler discusses the challenges many of us face when it comes to the art of effective and successful self-promotion.
digital trends live episode 367 screen shot 2020 04 28 at 12 16 20 pm

Digital Trends Live: Facebook’s graduation, DJi Mavic Air 2, iPhone SE review

On this Digital Trends Live we dive into the top tech stories, including Facebook’s graduation ceremony for seniors, TikTok’s donation stickers, and more.

Patreon and Ko-fi become full-time gigs as creators lose their jobs

In the last few weeks, crowdfunding platforms have seen record-high sign-ups as creators launch memberships to support themselves amid the coronavirus crisis.
digital trends live episode 365 tapestry of blazing starbirth 768x768

Digital Trends Live: COVID-19 tracking, Hubble turns 30, and more

On this Digital Trends Live we dig into the top tech stories, including COVID-19 tracking, Instacart ads new employees, Amazon workers protest, and more.
Working remote

Zoom’s latest software upgrade aims to defuse ‘zoombombing’

Zoom has released a major update for its video-conferencing software that it says addresses recent criticisms regarding the platform's privacy and security.
instagram finds a way to help small restaurants in lockdown

New Instagram stickers encourage foodies to support their top dining spots

Instagram is launching interactive food order and gift card Stories stickers aimed at increasing orders for small restaurants struggling in lockdown.