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Honda NSX Concept-GT

Honda introduces a hybrid teakettle that can also compete in the Japanese Super GT

Honda's new advertisement might be a bit silly, but the NSX Concept-GT is serious business.

9 of the coolest cars from the Frankfurt Auto Show (and 1 hellacious truck)

The Frankfurt Auto Show saw numerous new production and concept car debuts, from hybrid sports cars to a tuned six-wheeled Mercedes off-roader.
2015 Porsche 918 Spyder

5 things we learned from the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show

Outside of the outlandish concept cars and the flash of new models, what trends caught our eye this year at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show? Here's a list.
grey market cars everything you need to know 08152013 5f7 5fhires1

Grey market cars: Everything you need to know to avoid seeing your ride get crushed

Grey market cars are illegally imported vehicles that don't meet U.S. safety and emissions standards. They're the forbidden fruit of the car world.
ev leasing and buying guide 2014 chevrolet volt

Cheap to drive and finally cheap to own: Comparing the new crop of affordable EVs

From the Chevrolet Volt to the Honda Fit EV, the pricing for electric vehicles continues to drop as companies continue to make strides with the technology. But is it enough to entice more people to buy the cars?

Everything you need to know about the Acura NSX hybrid supercar

The Acura NSX is one of the most anticipated cars of the next few years. Here's your ultimate guide to this extraordinary hybrid supercar.
2013 Mercedes SL 63 AMG left side

What spins your wheels? Drivetrain technology explained

You’ve chosen a powerful V8 engine, or perhaps an economical hybrid, but there is still an important question: What should that engine be attached too?

Top 5 cars that women love

Despite what you might think about the sexual magnetism of your car, truck or SUV, chances are good it’s not working.

So uncool they’re now cool: Top 5 cars for hipsters

As much as hipsters might not want to admit it, owning a car is virtually essential. Here's the list of of cars so uncool they're now hipster cool.
10 plug in electric vehicles you can buy today tesla roadster 2

What’s next for the electric car? Wireless power, lithium-air batteries and more

NHTSA drafts guidelines to minimize distracted driving, but carmakers don’t have to follow them

Distracted driving is becoming more of an issue as cars become more like smartphones, but will voluntary guidelines cure the problem?

Audi A3 now puts cost savings for gas at driver’s fingertips

In addition to locating the cheapest, Audi’s new Refuelling Stop service also considers the type of fuel different Audi vehicles use when identifying the filing stations.
abandoned car brian oh

Cars or smartphones: Which will win Millennials’ hearts – and wallets?

The car as a mobile device: The perks and pitfalls of increased car connectivity

Mr. Trump, your truck is ready: Dartz tricks out the already over-the-top Mercedes G63 AMG 6X6

Extreme off-roading has never before looked so gaudy.
hey honda where are the new high tech classic bikes gobcb400ffull

Hey Honda, where are the new ‘classic’ bikes? Modern tech can make them great – again

VOLKSWAGEN XL1 aerodynamic body futuristic doors

How VW milked 261 miles from a single gallon of gas with the record-breaking XL1

Volkswagen shocked the world when it unveiled the XL1 production car.

How does GM’s fabled EV1 stack up against the current crop of electrics?

The General Motors EV1 was the first serious modern attempt by a major carmaker to produce an electric car, but how does it compare to the EVs of today?

Can sporty hybrids burn rubber without burning too much gas?

Hybrid cars are known for being sensible, but not exciting. Is it possible to change that by making them more fun to drive?

How does an electric car get 99 miles per gallon? MPGe ratings explained

The MPGe rating is the official way of comparing gasoline and electric cars' fuel efficiency, but what does MPGe really mean?
green car apps

Turn your lead foot into a green one with these apps and tips for better driving

ford fiesta pricing buying a car online

How to use the Web to make car buying suck less

gas pump fuel efficient cars

Miles and smiles: The most fuel-efficient (non-hybrid) cars money can buy


Are you fit for the Fit? Honda wants to know


Driving sim showdown: Real cars vs. their in-game counterparts

Chevy Volt

Chevy Volt: Everything You Need to Know

GPS Buying Guide