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how to update your car

Stuck in the past? Here’s how to update your car with the latest tech features

You don't have to trade in your car to get more features. Here's how to update your car with the latest advances in automotive technology
how to build a camper van adventureco fb 2

Need an escape? Here’s how to build a camper van

Learn how to build a camper van with this quick introductory guide, and start planning for a trip off the grid.
back to the future amazon prime delorean dmc 12

Out of this world rides: The best futuristic cars from science fiction movies

The sci-fi genre has produced some of the most memorable futuristic cars ever made. Here are the best cars from science fiction movies
Tesla Supercharger

How to maximize electric vehicle range (and minimize range anxiety)

Electric cars are more common than ever, but their popularity has led to a concern called range anxiety. Here's what you need to know.
Uber app on a smartphone.

How to check your Uber rating

If you use Uber, you've probably given ratings to your drivers, but did you know they also rate you? Here's how to check your Uber rating.
Car dealership

Looking for a new set of wheels? Here’s our guide on how to finance a car

Looking for a brand new set of wheels? Here's our guide on how to finance a car, including tips on where to get the best loan.
2018 Can-Am Spyder RT Limited

Here's everything you need to know about the 2018 Can-Am Spyders

The 2018 Can-Am Spyder lineup adds smartphone app compatibility and touring features to the three-wheeled motorcycle alternatives.

Palaces in the sky: The world’s most expensive helicopters

Got millions to burn? Want to soar above all your peers? Check out our roundup of the most expensive helicopters money can buy.
the most beautiful cars of all time explained pictured audi tt pi

The most beautiful cars in the world will make you go head-over-feet

Beauty is subjective, but some cars are associated with the term more often than others. Here are some of the most beautiful cars ever.
2018 Harley Davidson Softail Family

Major changes in 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycles confuse some fans, please most

The 31 models in the 2018 Harley-Davidson motorcycles lineup has many carryovers, but the Softail models have changed from the tires on up.
Most Expensive Motorcycles

The world’s most expensive motorcycles are as fast and fiendish as supercars

From dedicated racing bikes to custom creations, these are the most expensive motorcycles currently on the market.

How to build up your ‘Forza 7’ Collector’s Score fast

You want to drive the best cars in Forza? Our Forza 7 Collector's Score Guide will help you nab all the fanciest cars fast.
Terrafugia Transition

These weird cars show what happens when designers ignore the rulebook

These weird cars tried to buck convention with innovative designs and amazing abilities, but most are remembered as mere curiosities.
How to Clean Headlights

How to clean headlights

Over time, your car's headlights will become cloudy. Thankfully, learning how to clean headlights will restore clarity and improve safety.
Forza 7 beginner's guide

Forza 7 beginners guide: Rule the road (and earn fancy cars early!)

A new year brings a new Forza. If you want the lowdown on how to get your favorite cars quick, check out Forza 7 Beginner's Guide.
how to keep up with 24 hours of le mans online watch

How to keep up with 24 hours of Le Mans online

The annual 24 Hours of Le Mans is the biggest racing event of all time. Check out our thorough walkthrough detailing how to keep up with the race online.
Indy 500 primer

How to watch (and appreciate) the Indy 500, the ‘greatest spectacle in racing’

The Indy 500 celebrates its 101st running this year, so what better time to learn a little bit more about this iconic race?
Waymo fake city test

Everything you need to know about Waymo’s self-driving car project

Waymo, an autonomous vehicle pioneering firm, has been making plenty of headlines lately. Here's everything you need to know about it.
Lego Porsche.

Impress the car lover in your life with the best gifts for gearheads

how to save money on gas summer price tips

Wring every mile from that fill-up with these gas-saving tips

From camping trips to road trips, summertime is the busiest season for driving.
the best 24 hours of le mans movies audi

Cinematic speed: 5 films to get you hyped for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

This year's 24 Hours of Le Mans kicks off on June 18, and we’ve assembled five of our favorite films to get you hyped.
BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S

Slippery when wet: Here’s what to do if your car hydroplanes

Driving in the rain can be extremely dangerous if you’re not prepared, so we asked pro racing driver Andrew Comrie-Picard for tips.
extended warranty and vehicle service contracts what you need to know cars

If extended warranties were a good deal, they wouldn’t need to sell them

formula one racing complete guide 1 header

F101: Everything you need to know about Formula One

When it comes to racing, Formula One is the cream of the crop. From qualifying to drag-reduction systems, here’s everything you need to know.
Ford GT

Daytona 101: Everything you need to know about America’s 24-hour endurance race

motorsports complete guide champ

Motorsport 101: Everything you need to know, from F1 to NASCAR

The world of motorsports is fast, furious, and a bit overwhelming. Here, we breakdown some of the major series and types of racing from around the globe.
whats name cadillac adopts new naming scheme grille

What’s in a name, anyway? Cadillac forsakes its identity, adopts new naming scheme

Johand de Nysschen's sweeping changes to the Cadillac brand aren't done yet. The company's new chief is introducing an all new naming scheme.

Want to know if your phone pairs with your car? This handy list should do the trick

Don't be fooled by car salesmen's oily assurances. Some phones just don't pair with cars. Here's a list of automaker's guides to Bluetooth compatibility.
top five cringeworthy car crashes video lambo crash 3

Londoner demonstrates how to catch air in a $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador

A London man caught some sweet air in his $400,000 Lamborghini Aventador this week.
mercedes plan help firefighters qr codes

These QR codes tell rescuers how to safely pluck you from your wrecked Mercedes

Mercedes is using QR codes to provide critical vehicle safety information to rescuers to help them rescue you if the worst should happen.
nhtsa proposes in car smartphone guidelines texting while driving

Just got a cool new app for your car? Yeah, the NHTSA might not let you use it

The NHTSA says it has the power to regulate smartphones used while driving, and plans to draft a set of voluntary guidelines for manufacturers.
2015 Porsche Macan front left

Can’t pronounce ‘Macan?’ You’ll still want Porsche’s brawny new crossover

Porsche’s 2015 Macan made its official debut at the 2013 LA Auto Show.
chevys 2015 colorado mid size truck diesel burning 4x4 tablet hauler dreams chevrolet 5

Chevy’s all-new Colorado truck is the diesel-burning tablet hauler of your dreams

Chevrolet unveiled the 2015 Colorado pickup truck at the 2013 LA Auto Show.
jaguar puts the company on line with new bmw beating sedan c x16

How to make or break a Brit: Jaguar must beat BMW or go belly up

Jaguar is releasing four new models in the next five years, and insiders reveal that if those models don't pan out the company may be at risk.