Altice One crams your modem, router, and streaming box into one device

altice one box
During the 2018 Winter Olympics, Altice USA flooded viewers with commercials advertising its new Altice One, an all-in-one device for Optimum subscribers. It arrives after Netherlands-based Altice Group purchased Suddenlink in December 2015 for $9.1 billion, and Cablevision in June 2016 for $17.7 billion. Altice Group retired the Cablevision brand and renamed the newly owned New York-based company to Altice USA, making it the fourth largest cable/internet service provider in the United States.

The new Altice One falls under the Optimum banner. This platform provides broadband internet, Voice over Internet Protocol telephone service, digital TV, and a group of networks providing news, weather, and more. The new device is basically a three-in-one access point: Modem, router, and set-top box with integrated support for Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, and more. Cloud DVR recordings and Ultra HD video are also part of the Optimum platform.

“Altice One is an ever-evolving centralized platform that offers an innovative suite of features that reinvent the connectivity and entertainment experience,” the company says. “Altice One provides a simple all-in-one ultra-high-definition video, high-speed broadband, powerful Wi-Fi and IP phone experience in a sleek, compact home hub that replaces the traditional cable box, modem, and router.”

The Altice One seemingly adds “smart” connectivity to your TV sporting the interactive Altice One v1.0 operating system. With this device, you can scroll through the Optimum TV guide, find a missed TV show on demand or record shows to be stored in the cloud, and install popular apps from a growling list. Thus, with this device, you don’t need a Smart TV, console, or set-top box to stream Stranger Things.

The company first introduced the Altice One to select Long Island areas in November and is now rolling out the device across the entire Optimum footprint. Other notable features with the Altice One include a voice-activated remote control, a picture-in-picture component, a cloud DVR-based “restart” feature for rewinding to the beginning if you jumped into a TV show too late, and 4K capabilities

The beauty of Altice One is that it centralizes your internet connection, wireless access point, and streaming services. Instead of three devices, you only deal with one unit. The drawback mostly pertains to Wi-Fi connectivity: The further you move away from the Altice One, the slower the connection/data speed. Altice USA remedies that with the Altice One Mini, which not only extends your wireless range into dead spots in the home but enables TV and streaming capabilities to other rooms.

In addition to the Altice One, the company now offers broadband speeds of up to 400Mbps to residential homes, and up to 450Mbps to businesses. Also in the works is the expansion of its one-gigabit broadband service and its next-generation fiber-to-the-home network across its Optimum and Suddenlink coverage areas.

To get pricing for the new Altice One, customers must live within the Altice USA coverage area and fill out this form. They can also call the company’s toll-free number.