‘Stranger Things’ season 3 is coming! Here’s everything we know so far

'Stranger Things' season 3 may be shorter than the previous series installment

Stranger Things has managed to pull off a tough feat — living up to fans’ high expectations for its sophomore season. After its first season arguably earned the show the title of Netflix’s best original series, the bar was set high — especially once the streamer renewed it for two more seasons. Fortunately, the latest adventures of the Hawkins gang proved to be just as riveting, keeping our hopes sky-high going into season 3.

The downside to our enthusiasm, however, is that it comes with a long wait. The show’s co-creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, only began working on season 3 in late October, and it took them more than a year to get the second season out. The next set of episodes isn’t expected until 2019, leaving us with unanswered questions to stew on for the next year.

When Stranger Things returns, we’ll have more mysterious dark forces and coming-of-age journeys to enthrall us. Here is everything that has been revealed so far.

There are spoilers ahead, so read at your own risk.

Season 3 returns to original episode count

For those of you who blazed through the first eight episodes of Stranger Things and wished for more, it appeared that Netflix heeded your frustrations when it added an additional episode for season 2, bringing the total to nine. Now it seems that what Netflix giveth, Netflix can taketh away, as TVLine reports that season 3 will return to the eight-episode format.

For some, this is good news, as the episode count for season 2 might have made it seem too long overall. Too much of a good thing, perhaps. But for others, the report is akin to Netflix breaking the cardinal “no backsies” rule.

A break for poor Will

Stranger Things Season 2 Will Byers

Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) has had a rough two-plus years. After being abducted by the Demogorgon in season 1 and filled with nasty Upside Down stuff (including baby Dart), Will found himself possessed by the Mind Flayer in season two before Joyce, Jonathan, and Nancy turned up the heat to force it out. All the while, Will was experiencing eerie visions and nightmarish flashbacks.

Luckily (for Will, anyway), our young hero will be having an easier go of it in season 3. In an interview with Glamour, executive producer Shawn Levy said as much: “We’re going to give Will a break. We’re not going to put Will through hell for a third season in a row. He’ll be dealing with stuff, but he won’t be at rock-bottom the way we forced the amazing Noah Schnapp to play.”

Fans may have to wait until 2019 for new episodes

Fans of the series may have to hold their excitement for a while before they get new episodes, according to an interview with star David Harbour in Variety. Harbour says the Duffer brothers are hard at work writing scripts for the new season, but the process is slow and exacting. The actor said the production team was supposed to begin work around April 2018, and added that fans will likely not see new episodes until the following year.

“One of the things that’s annoying for fans is that it takes us a long time to do [new episodes]. Like, you probably won’t get [season 3] until sometime in 2019,” he said, before talking about how hard at work the co-creators were. “Part of the thing is, like any good thing, [the Duffer brothers] need time. And those guys work so hard. I mean, they just sit in their apartment and write for 12, 14 hours a day.”

Season 3 officially gets the green light

We all knew it was going to happen. The Duffer brothers have been open (if a little cagey) about seeing the series span at least a couple more seasons, and given just how successful and popular the series is, Netflix would, of course, want to keep the gravy train running.

The official announcement came care of Netflix’s official Twitter account, with a humorous pair of tweets asking fans if they should make season 3 or not.

With the next season officially on the way, now the waiting game begins.

Taking on the teenage years

Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Max (Sadie Sink)

With season 3 still in its “early days,” as the Duffer brothers told IndieWire after their Master Class session at Chapman University on November 3, they are enjoying exploring the possibilities. Part of that includes the new avenues that have opened up as their young cast has gotten older. The show creators have come to embrace the fact that the kids have entered their teens.

“We are leaning into it,” Matt Duffer said. “I love the fact that they’re going through adolescence.”

Although aging impacts what they can and cannot do moving forward, the Duffers pointed out that the teenage years have built-in drama that will benefit the show. We saw as much in season 2 as characters dealt with crushes and romantic rivalry, for example.

“I think it’s good it forces the show to evolve,” Matt said.

This may help the Duffers, as they hinted they will focus on character growth rather than see the show become “bigger in scale” as it continues.

“What I am really excited about is giving these characters an interesting journey to go on,” Matt Duffer said.

Another jump forward

With the Stranger Things kids growing up, the show has to keep pace. Like season 2, which jumped forward a year from the events of season 1, the show’s third season will leap-frog more time. Executive producer Dan Cohen spoke to Collider and highlighted that the show’s stars are teenagers now and they can’t gloss over that.

“The passing of time in these kids’ lives, and everyone’s inner community, is part of the charm of the show, and [the Duffers] will continue to lean into that,” he said.

The Duffer brothers have expressed similar sentiments and have been clear that season 3 will have to move forward. They told E! News that “there will be a time jump for sure.”

The Mind Flayer looms

Season 2 brought a victory for the Hawkins kids when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) was able to close the gate and trap the Mind Flayer in the Upside Down. The problem, however, is that the monster hasn’t been destroyed and it now has them on its radar. Based on a tease from the Duffer brothers, this could play a role in future seasons.

“They’ve shut the door on the Mind Flayer, but not only is it still there in the Upside Down, it’s very much aware of the kids, and particularly Eleven,” they told The Hollywood Reporter. “It had not encountered her and her powers until that final episode. Now, it knows that she’s out there.”

With that ominous note, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the Mind Flayer back in season 3.

A scene-stealing actor gets a bigger role

Getting to know the family of Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin) meant that we got to meet his hilarious younger sister, Erica (Priah Ferguson). She won us over with her quips about her older brother’s nerdy habits and love life and, not surprisingly, she stole the hearts of the Duffer brothers and writers as well. It turns out that her role was actually supposed to be smaller than it was in season 2 but once they realized how great she was, they gave her more screen time.

Priah Ferguson (Erica Sinclair)

“[Ferguson] was just a local hire we made in Atlanta,” Matt Duffer told Yahoo. “Erica wasn’t even supposed to be in [season 2] as much as she was. We fell in love with this girl.”

Matt Duffer described Ferguson as “GIF-able” and said that the writers quickly realized they needed more of her. As such, “there will definitely be more Erica” in the upcoming season, according to Ross Duffer.

No end date in sight

Beyond season 3, the show’s future is somewhat murky. Although the Duffer brothers have spoken about concluding the series after its fourth season, their plan isn’t set in stone. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, they shared that while they do have an idea of how they’ll end the show, they aren’t ready to say how many seasons it will take to get there.

“We think we know where we want it to end basically,” Matt Duffer said, “we’re not sure how long it’s going to take to get there.”

Popularity alone won’t keep it going; they also require a “narrative reason.” Not only that, they want to make sure they and the rest of the team are still excited about what they’re doing.

That is interesting to hear, of course, but before we get ahead of ourselves, we’ll return to eagerly awaiting season 3.

Update: Added news of reported episode count for season 3.