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The 6 best monitor arms for a stand-free desk in 2024

Man using dual monitor arms on his desk.

You’ve bought at least one of the best monitors around and you’ve realized you’re running out of room on your desk. The most elegant solution is to use a monitor arm, raising your monitor above the desktop surface by connecting the mount to the edge of your desk. It’s a great decluttering method, saving you from having monitor stands taking up valuable room on your desktop.

There are a lot of different monitor arms around so it’s important to find one from a reputable brand and one that has great reviews. After all, it’s holding up your monitor and monitors aren’t cheap. We’ve picked out the best monitor arms currently available while also focusing on different scenarios and needs, such as if you need one to hold up just a single monitor or you’re juggling a multiple monitor setup. Below, we’ve picked out the very best as well as laid out how we came to our decision.

The best monitor arms in 2024

  • Buy the for the best all-round monitor stand
  • Buy the for decluttering your desk
  • Buy the for a budget solution
  • Buy the for a premium experience
  • Buy the for a triple monitor setup
  • Buy the for the biggest monitor

EVEO Dual Monitor Stand

Best all-round monitor stand

The EVEO Dual Monitor Stand on a white background.
Pros Cons
Easy installation Adjustability is a little fiddly
Sturdy design

The EVEO Dual Monitor Stand is a dependable all-rounder for the traditional dual-monitor setup. It takes only around five minutes to install with a choice of methods for how you wish to attach the monitor. You can either use a desk clamp or a grommet.

The mount is VESA compatible 100×100 or 75x75mm and can hold screens of between 10-inches and 32-inches. It also has a very respectable 90-degree maximum tilt angle along with the ability to rotate 360 degrees and to make the arm extend. It can be a little tricky to adjust but it’s very robust once you do so.

Holds monitors up to 32-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 90 degrees

Amazon Basics Single Computer Monitor Stand

Best for decluttering your desk

Somneone using the Amazon Basics Single Computer Monitor Stand at a desk.
Pros Cons
Simple design Only room for one monitor
Comes with all the necessary tools

The Amazon Basics Single Computer Monitor Stand is a simple solution for anyone who just has one monitor and wants to free up some room on their desk. It fits most screens between 13 inches and 30 inches before providing an adjustable screen tilt from -15 degrees to 85 degrees. Alongside the mount is a simple cable management system too so you can hide any obvious cables easily enough.

The Amazon Basics Single Computer Monitor Stand comes with all the tools you need to install it and is VESA compatible with 100x100mm and 75x75mm devices. Surprisingly sturdy, its only downside is the lack of tilt options compared to pricier alternatives.

Holds monitors up to 30-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 15 degrees

Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand

Best budget monitor arm

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand on a white background.
Pros Cons
Inexpensive Arms can be a little stiff
Different installation options

The Huanuo Dual Monitor Stand is great for those on a tight budget. Its robot style arms stick out perfectly to give you space for two monitors which instantly frees up a lot of room on your desk. With the option of tilting between -50 degrees and 35 degrees, it’s fairly flexible while there’s also 180-degree swivel functionality too.

It takes under 30 minutes to install with a choice of c-clamp or grommet base depending on what works best for your situation. The gas spring arms can be a little stiff at first but the more you use them, the more they loosen up. Also, the build is very robust and sturdy for the price so there’s good peace of mind here.

Holds monitors up to 30-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 35 degrees

Mount-It! Single Monitor Arm

Best premium monitor arm

The Mount-It! Single Monitor Arm on a white background.
Pros Cons
Very sturdy Expensive
Fully adjustable

For a premium experience, check out the Mount-It! Single Monitor Arm. It’s only for one monitor but that monitor will be incredibly safe. A glance at its arm shows how robust it is with the gas spring ensuring adjustments are effortless.

It’s possible to rotate it a full 360 degrees with a maximum tilt of 90 degrees so it’s pretty flexible. At all times, you can use a hex key to adjust the gas spring tension as needed so you’re always in control. Fitting all monitors up to 32 inches and with extensive VESA compatibility, you won’t have to think too deeply about what will work for you — it’s this one.

Holds monitors up to 32-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 90 degrees

Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount

Best for a triple monitor setup

The Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount on a white background.
Pros Cons
Room for three monitors Limited tilt function
Easy installation

If you’re the ultimate multitasker and have three monitors, you need a monitor arm that allows for so much functionality. The Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount is a great bet as it’s from a reputable brand and it’s very simple to install and set up.

Easily mounted to your desk, the Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount is made of heavy-duty steel and has useful cable management clips on each arm so you can tidy up your cables and keep things looking streamlined. Tilt and adjustability options are a little limited as while all three monitors can rotate 180 degrees, only two can tilt up or down and then only by 15 degrees, but other than that, the Mount-It! Triple Monitor Mount has everything you could want.

Holds monitors up to 27-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 15 degrees

Vivo Heavy Duty Monitor Arm

Best large monitor arm

The Vivo Heavy Duty Monitor Arm on a white background.
Pros Cons
Perfect for large screens Only one monitor
USB hub upgrade available

If you own just one monitor but it happens to be a huge TV-sized one, the Vivo Heavy Duty Monitor Arm is the way to keep it safe and free of cluttering your desk. It has a robust mount with an elbow spring gauge to ensure it can handle the weight balancing perfectly. There’s also room for great cable management while there’s a quick-release VESA plate for easy installs as well.

Capable of holding a screen weighing up to 33 pounds and up to 49 inches in size, there’s a great desk clamp or grommet mount to choose from. Its tilting options are reasonable too with the choice of -45 degrees to 45 degrees along with 180-degree rotation and swivel. It’s possible to pay extra for a USB hub to be built-in too.

Holds monitors up to 49-inches
Maximum tilt angle up to 45 degrees

How we chose these monitor arms

When buying a monitor arm, there are a few key things to think about before buying anything. We’ve considered those same things and we’ve listed them below so you can think where your priorities lie.

How flexible do you need it to be?

You’ll notice we’ve highlighted the flexibility of each mount and how far you can tilt or swivel them. For some people though, this really doesn’t matter much. If you’re someone who tends to adjust their monitor when they first get it, then leave it alone, you don’t need to worry about the flexibility of your monitor arm.

Consider the installation

Most of these monitor arms are very easy to install and offer a few different options. Not all do though, so it’s useful to read up on the installation process and see how other users dealt with it. In particular, if you plan on moving it often, you may want to prioritize this.

What’s your monitor setup?

How many monitors do you need to make room for? Buy a mount that suits the amount of monitors you own as it’s pretty irritating to only have room on the mount for one when you actually own two or even three. Freeing up room on your desk is paramount after all, although the reverse is true — don’t buy a mount that’s too big for your needs. It’ll look pretty ugly.

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