Bitcasa cloud storage service leaves beta, celebrates with discounts


Bitcasa, an infinite cloud storage service, came out of beta yesterday and is celebrating its new Infinite Drive with promotions for new members. 

With Bitcasa, you can remotely store your documents, photos, music, movies, and other data and keep your precious hard drive empty while Bitcasa efficiently organizes your information online. Bitcasa works on a plethora of platforms, including iOS, Android, OS X, Windows, Windows RT, and the Web.

bitcasa_mac_infinite_driveAs a promotion during the month of February, Bitcasa is offering $10-per-month or $69-per-year subscriptions, as opposed to the normal $99 per year. The promotion lasts for the entire month, so be sure to act quickly. 

The Infinite Drive backs up your entire hard drive and encrypts your data automatically, leaving you with plenty of space on your personal computer or mobile devices. 
The difference between Bitcasa and other cloud storage services, like Dropbox, is that Bitcasa’s goal is to replace your primary and external hard drives. CEO Tony Gauda spoke to MarketWatch, talking candidly about hard drives and their shortcomings. “When I started this company, I talked about faulty external hard drives and the outrageous fees for limited file synchronization services,” Gauda said. “I believe – and many of our users will agree – that, with the launch of the Bitcasa Infinite Drive, hard drives are now dead.”

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