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Flash sale drops this 34-inch WQHD curved monitor under $500

Every investment in desktop computer deals should be accompanied by a purchase from monitor deals, because you don’t want to be stuck with an outdated display for your powerful PC. Here’s one of the best options right now — the HP M34d curved monitor at $80 off, bringing its price down to $450 from its original price of $530. HP’s flash sale will end very soon, so you should buy the monitor immediately if you want to get it with a discount.

Why you should buy the HP M34d curved monitor

The 34-inch display of the HP M34d curved monitor offer WQHD resolution, so you’ll be working on your projects, browsing the internet, and watching streaming content with bright colors and clear details. Compared to straight displays, curved monitors can provide a more immersive experience that will help you focus better on the task at hand, while also reducing glare and reflections, and slightly saving on desk space, according to our monitor buying guide. For the HP M34d curved monitor, in particular, clutter is further reduced because it uses a single USB-C cable for its input source and power, so you won’t have to deal with multiple cords hanging behind and below it. There’s also an integrated speaker in the monitor, which eliminates the need for another accessory.

Similar to the features provided by the best monitors, the HP M34d curved monitor comes with various ergonomic settings that will help you place it in the perfect position, including the ability to adjust its height and tilt using just your fingertips. If you’ll be using the monitor for several hours at a time, your eyes will be protected and remain comfortable with its low blue light mode and flicker free technology.

If you’re looking for a premium monitor for below $500, you can’t go wrong with the HP M34d curved monitor. It’s originally priced at $530, but HP’s flash sale has it going for just $450 after an $80 discount. It won’t be available at this price for very long, so if you think the HP M34d curved monitor is the perfect addition to your computer setup, then go ahead and make the purchase as fast as you can.

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