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HP just launched a killer curved 1440p 240Hz gaming monitor

HP has just announced the release of Omen 27c QHD, a brand new curved gaming monitor. Featuring a wide range of colors, high brightness, a blue light filter, and a 240Hz refresh rate, this display was made with long gaming sessions in mind.

“It’s unrivaled, so you can be too. We crafted this monitor for the most passionate players who are fully dedicated to exploring every corner of their game,” said Eric Galyean, NPI lead for HP.

Three Omen 27C monitors side by side.

Other than being a PC monitor, HP prepared the Omen 27c to also work with a number of consoles, allowing those users to try out gaming on a curved screen. The Omen 27c is plug-and-play ready to use with Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, and Playstation 5 via an HDMI cable.

HP optimized this monitor for all sorts of games, equipping it with both great visuals and a high refresh rate. Omen 27c has a curved VA panel with a 1000R curvature. The curve is definitely noticeable, and HP claims that it bends to the natural shape of the eye. This should allow for longer gaming sessions without causing a headache.

In addition to the gentle curve, the display is EyeSafe certified. It has a high-energy blue light filter that makes it easier on the eyes without sacrificing color quality. Omen 27c marks an industry-first when it comes to 1000R curved monitors with EyeSafe certification, paving the way for monitors optimized not just for gameplay, but also for minimizing eye tiredness.

The 27-inch VA panel offers a Quad HD resolution (2560 x 1440) and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. HP promises that this should bring out three times as many blacks, making it easier to identify enemies in the dark. The display is VESA-certified and peaks at 450 nits with HDR on, 400 with HDR off. All of this should add up to a wide color gamut, bright contrasts, lifelike colors, and deep shadows. HP also utilized shadow vision technology to brighten darker scenes without making them washed out.

Omen 27c gaming monitor.

Omen 27c is a fast screen, especially for a curved monitor. It has a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. This makes it optimal for first-person shooters and other dynamic games that require the display to be quick and accurate. In addition, it utilizes AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to ensure low latency and improve gaming performance. While FreeSync is an AMD technology, it also works with Nvidia graphics cards.

On the exterior, the monitor has three very thin bezels and a thicker bottom bezel. It has a minimalist, elegant design that complements HP’s Omen line of desktop computers. The stand is height-adjustable and offers standard VESA mounting. Unfortunately, it cannot swivel or pivot, but there’s a wide 178-degree viewing angle to make up for that.

The monitor is available for purchase directly from HP, priced at $530. Curved monitors are not everyone’s cup of tea, but it seems that HP managed to strike a good balance in the Omen 27c, prioritizing both pure gaming power and ease of use in equal measure.

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