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Samsung Chromebook Pro went up for pre-order on Amazon, quickly sold out

Samsung Chromebook Pro review
Bill Roberson/Digital Trends
We have known that Samsung’s Chromebook Pro was going to be one of the more compelling laptop releases of the year for some time, with the system beating the Asus Chromebook Flip C302A by a hair in a recent Digital Trends face-off. Now we know that the device is inbound very, very soon.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro will start shipping on May 28, according to a product description posted on Amazon. The system is now out of stock but managed to rise to the No. 1 best seller spot on the retailer’s listing of 2-in-1 computers when it was briefly available earlier on Monday.

It is clear that there is a frothing demand for this particular piece of hardware. Chromebooks have seen their popularity grow steadily since the line was introduced in 2011 and the fact that Google added support for Android apps to Chrome OS earlier in 2017 has only made these laptops more appealing.

Samsung spared no effort to make sure its 2017 Chromebooks took full advantage of this new functionality. The team behind the laptops worked with Google engineers to ensure that Android apps work great on the Chromebook Pro and its sibling the Chromebook Plus and its multi-touch display and support for motion controls ensure that the experience is just as good as on an Android smartphone.

There is currently no word on whether Amazon will get more stock of the Chromebook Pro. However, with the laptop set to launch before the end of May — having already suffered a significant delay, given that it was expected to make its debut in April — it would follow that the retailer would want to make more stock available on or around its release date.

If you already consigned yourself to refreshing Amazon until more Chromebook Pros are made available, here’s a link to its product page.

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