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This is the craziest Dell XPS deal we’ve seen in a long time

The laptop deals offered by retailers cater to different budgets and requirements, including basic machines that you can buy for very cheap. However, if you need a reliable laptop for work, school, or entertainment purposes, you should be looking at Dell XPS deals. The Dell XPS laptops are top-of-the-line devices that carry premium prices, but the Dell XPS 13 is currently available for just $950, as Dell is offering a $750 discount from its original price of $1,700.

The Dell XPS 13 is capable of multitasking between several apps at once without any slowdowns because of its 10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. If your frustration is at the limit with your old laptop because of frequent crashes, you should upgrade to the Dell XPS 13 right away. It also comes with a 256GB SSD for storage, which should be more than enough space for your essential software and important files.

The 13.4-inch Ultra HD+ touchscreen of the Dell XPS 13, with its 16:10 aspect ratio for a larger display without increasing the size of the laptop itself, is one of the primary reasons why it’s the top choice in Digital Trends’ best laptops. The laptop started the trend of thinner bezels back in 2015, and it continues to raise the bar with updates that include a larger keyboard and touchpad.

If you need a laptop with a long battery life, Dell promises more than 12 hours of usage if you’re working with productivity apps, so it will be a while before you need to plug in the Dell XPS 13 for charging. The laptop’s advanced thermal redesign, which includes dual fans in addition to a heat pipe with a single evaporator and dual condenser, ensures that you can work long hours without having to break off because of an overheating machine.

Whether you’re planning to use it for work, school, or entertainment, the specifications and features of the Dell XPS 13 won’t disappoint you. The laptop is powerful and reliable, but its price may be too much to pay for some shoppers. Fortunately, Dell is currently offering a $750 discount on the machine, bringing its price down to a more affordable $950 from its original price of $1,700. Stocks of the Dell XPS 13 are limited though, so if you want to be able to buy this high-quality laptop for below $1,000, you shouldn’t waste time. Click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

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