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Smart home system uses predictive algorithms to warn of impending disasters

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Thanks to machine learning, connected devices, and the growing range of available sensors, our homes are getting smarter all the time.

But OneEvent Technologies’ new OnePrevent system goes in another direction from optional extra home automation setups by giving you a system that promises to act like one of those Final Destination premonitions and warn you of impending dangers before they strike.

“The OnePrevent system is the first real-world offering of a powerful, predictive analytics engine we’ve developed called OneEvent,” Kurt Wedig, co-founder and CEO for OneEvent Technologies, told Digital Trends.

“The OnePrevent system leverages our cloud-based predictive analytic engine, along with data collected by wireless environmental sensors that are constantly measuring critical data points such as motion, smoke, water, moisture, humidity, temperature, and light to learn what’s ‘normal’ within an environment — and then predict disasters before they transpire by alerting homeowners or building managers when those environmental factors become abnormal.”

According to its creators, in research testing the OnePredict system was able to accurately anticipate fires up to 20 minutes before a regular smoke alarm went off: Providing valuable extra time to act on that information. It promises to be able to make similarly early warnings in events like a flood.

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Best of all, despite its tendency to be constantly vigilant, the system’s predictive smarts mean that it won’t file a ton of false positive reports all the time.

“As the system begins to collect more and more data, unique signatures can be assigned to specific events that then trigger decisions to be made within the cloud,” Wedig continued. “By monitoring and collecting data from a multitude of data points, the system is able to learn over time and understand say the difference between you burning a piece of toast, or the building being on fire.”

At $299 for the kit, and $25 per month subscription, OnePrevent certainly isn’t the cheapest option. However, given that the system could quite genuinely save the life of yourself or a family member, maybe this is one time it’s worth splashing out!

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