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One Music Group’s smart piano lights the way to virtuosity

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What’s the one thing holding nearly every six-year-old back from being the next Frederic Chopin or Nina Simone? If you immediately centered on the sheer need for regular lessons, then you’re absolutely right — at least to some extent. Because of this, the ONE Music Group took to 2016’s Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week with an innovative solution; a high-quality, smart piano that actually teaches people to play while utilizing a Guitar Hero-style method. The ensuing result is an experience that’s soft on the stuffy music teacher and heavy on the fun.

Dubbed the One Smart Piano, One Music Group’s foray into the digital musical instrument space is nothing short of pure harmony. In addition to the fact that it’s an absolute blast to sit in front of and play, One Music Group also succeeded in creating the world’s first (and only, no less) Apple MFi-certified upright piano. What this means is that users have the ability connect an iPod, iPhone, or iPad to the smart piano and play directly from their smart device of choice.

ONE Music Group Smart Piano
ONE Music Group Smart Piano ONE Music Group

Android users needn’t feel left out either, however, as the smart piano also supports any smartphone or tablet running Android 4.0 or later. Even those rare souls who own a Mi Box have the ability to take full advantage of One Music Group’s virtual music instructor. The resulting product — as mentioned above — works in a way that is strikingly similar to the video game franchise Guitar Hero, in which notes throughout a piece of sheet music light up as a song is played, urging the player to use certain fingers on certain notes.

“Introducing a new, convenient and fun way to learn piano through self-instruction, utilizing the latest technology, is only the beginning of what we believe to be the transformation of music education,” says One Music Group’s global CEO and co-founder, Ben Ye.

The backbone behind this revolutionary device lies with the piano’s free downloadable app, which in essence acts as the instrument’s primary instructor. LED lights guide players to play either just right handed or left handed segments, or together in real-time. Moreover, the app allows users to play solo or duet games, challenging them to continue to accrue higher and higher scores. There are even options to take professional lessons, engage in full demos, and the ability to record and share unique songs.

One Music Group’s smart piano not only allows aspiring musicians the ability to learn a beautiful instrument at their own pace, but it makes playing the piano an absolute breeze. Available now, interested buyers have the option of choosing between a $1,500 upright piano or a $300 digital keyboard.

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