Digital Trends Live: Rideshares and coronavirus, Boring completes loop, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler digs into the top trending stories in tech, including changes to Uber and Zipcar, the Boring Company completes its loop, HBO allows group watching, the new Ring Stick Up Cam bundle, and more.

Ana Coto

Nibler then speaks with actress and roller-skater darling Ana Coto, who talks about the roller skating revival happening thanks to TikTok.

Jahi Winston

We continue with actor Jahi Winston, who talks about his upcoming roll in Charm City Kings, scheduled to hit theaters in August.

Lisa Marie Segarra guides us through what’s happening in the world of gaming, including discussions on the Unreal Engine 5, Fortnite NextGen, EA Play review, and the anniversary of LEEEEEROY JEEEEEENKINS.

Kenzie Swanhart

We then speak with Kenzie Swanhart, director of culinary innovation and marketing at Ninja, who teaches us how to make a delicious chicken pot pie using the Ninja Foodi.

Finally we head to the (home) theater with Reel News, where Erin Keeney breaks down the newest in movies and entertainment. This week she highlights the various online 2020 graduation celebrations, The Great on Hulu, Spaceship Earth, Clementine, and more.

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