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Digital Trends Live: Alexa-enabled Billy Bass, ‘Gear.Club Unlimited 2,’ and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we discussed the newest addition to the Alexa family of devices and the future of Elon Musk’s latest project. We were also joined by Chris Rosario, who talked about the release of Gear.Club Unlimited 2 for the Nintendo Switch, and Ian Williams of Deadstock Coffee dropped by again, this time from Tokyo, to discuss the coffee culture in Japan.

One of the biggest tech stories of the week is about Amazon’s latest Alexa-enabled device, which might not be exactly what you’re imagining. The Big Mouth Billy Bass is a more whimsical approach to a virtual assistant than the traditional puck-shaped Alexa. You can order an Alexa-compatible fish from Amazon for $40.

We also discussed the Boring Company and some of the setbacks it’s currently facing in Los Angeles. While Elon Musk’s company still has plans to open a test section of its traffic-reducing tunnel for the public on December 10, lawsuits from several local community groups have made the future of the project in L.A. less certain.

Felicia Miranda, DT’s gaming editor, spoke with Chris Rosario in New York about the upcoming release of Gear.Club Unlimited 2. The racing game, which will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on December 4, has more than 50 licensed cars with adjustable features to fit your skill levels. The new game will also have local multiplayer, which can support up to four players on split screen or eight via networked consoles.

We were also joined by Ian Williams to talk more about his inspirations and plans for Deadstock Coffee. Williams has been on the show before, but this time joined us from Tokyo, where he is currently working at a coffee pop-up. The coffee culture in Japan is much different than that of Deadstock’s (and DT’s) hometown of Portland, Oregon, Williams said, especially considering the interest in dark roasts. Nonetheless, he has been able to draw inspiration from the use of spaces he’s seen and hopes to bring some of that knowledge back to the States.

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