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Digital Trends Live: Google’s assignable reminders, Genesis Mini, and more

From Savannah, Georgia, it’s Digital Trends Live! Join hosts Greg Nibler and Sam Slaughter as they dive into the biggest trending stories of the day in technology. Some of today’s stories include Google Assistant’s new assignable reminders to help you remember daily tasks — or to remind your loved ones about them.

Also in the news, British Airways plans to test virtual reality headsets for first-class passengers, allowing them to watch movies, travel programs, and other custom 2D, 3D, and 360-degree format programming.

Rounding out the top stories is Sega’s announced plans for a miniature version of the Genesis console, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s new robotics obstacle course competition, called the Subterranean Challenge, that takes place underground and includes walking robots, canine-inspired robots, and flying robots.

All that, plus some of our favorite past interviews!

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