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Digital Trends Live: COVID updates, Xbox Series X details, Steam’s record

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, host Greg Nibler digs into the top tech stories of the day, including the latest on COVID-19, more on the Xbox Series X, Steam smashes its user record, Uber Eats waives delivery fees, A.I. and archaeology, SpaceX aborts Falcon 9, reliving the Apollo 13 mission, and more.

We then head to the gym as Jeremy Kaplan, DT’s editor-in-chief, talks about how to maximize your time at the gym, and gets an advance workout at HACKD Fitness.

Sarah Evans

During this time of crisis, small businesses may take a gigantic hit. We talk with Sarah Evans, founder and chief executive officer of Sevans Strategy about the effect of the coronavirus on hourly workers.

Michele Romanow

Michele Romanow, co-founder and president of Clearbanc, discusses how it has analyzed 2,ooo companies on its platform and found that the gender gap still exists, but is closing.

Niall Ferguson

Nibler then speaks with Niall Ferguson, host of PBS’s Niall Ferguson’s Networld, who joins us to talk about how social media has provided a platform for misinformation to propagate like never before in history.

Finally, Drew Prindle, DT senior editor, joins Nibler to discuss all the awesome tech you can’t buy yet, including a foldable kayak, a compact e-bike, and compostable kitchen trash bags.

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Halo Infinite’s technical preview dipped to 540p on Xbox One S, Series S
Halo Infinite capture the flag.

The technical preview for Halo Infinite has wrapped up, and while reactions to the game have been mostly positive, Digital Foundry's own tests have revealed some of the game's early flaws. While the PC and Xbox Series X versions of the game have mostly no problems, the story can be different on the Xbox One S and Xbox Series S. According to Digital Foundry's report, the game dipped as low as 540p on both of those consoles in some cases.

DF Direct Special: Halo Infinite Technical Preview Tested on Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox One X|S

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Xbox Series X/S topples Switch sales in record-setting June
The Xbox Series X and S compared.

The Xbox Series X/S was the top-selling console platform in the United States in June, based on dollar sales tracked by NPD and reported by VentureBeat. Last month was the most successful June ever for Xbox, breaking a previous dollar sales record set in 2011. Many are speculating that the surge in sales is due to Microsoft's strong showing at E3 2021.

Gaming hardware has seen a dramatic increase in sales over the past year, with a 112% increase in sales across the Switch, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 5. Despite the proliferation of COVID-19 vaccines allowing for a return to a version of normalcy and numerous hardware shortages due to manufacturing issues, console sales continue to do extremely well.

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Xbox Design Lab relaunches, adds support for Xbox Series X|S controllers
xbox design lab relaunch

The Xbox Design Lab is back, offering tons of different customizable options to make players' Xbox controller truly feel like their own. While the program has been around for Xbox One controllers, it now is compatible with the updated Series X/S wireless controller.

The Xbox Design Lab was introduced in 2017 and allowed players to create their own personal Xbox One controller. To the dismay of fans looking for a new controller, the site took a pause on October 14, 2020, in order to introduce undisclosed changes.

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