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Walmart is practically handing out giant 4K TVs today

When it’s time to upgrade your home theater setup, your first investment should be in a new TV. It can’t just be any regular TV though, as you should be aiming to take advantage of 4K TV deals. While there are other components to an impressive home theater in your living room, nothing stands out more than a massive 4K TV, so you should get the biggest screen that your budget allows.

With Walmart TV deals, you won’t have to pay full price for a new 4K TV, which is great news if you don’t have thousands of dollars to spare. Among the options that you can buy from Walmart with a discount are the 65-inch LG 80 Series 4K TV, which is $173 off, bringing its price down to $777 from its original price of $950, and the 65-inch LG NanoCell 4K TV, which is $203 off, lowering its price to $997 from its original price of $1,200.

65-inch LG 80 Series 4K TV – $777, was $950

65-inch LG NanoCell 4K TV – $997, was $1,200

65-inch LG 80 Series 4K TV – $777, was $950

65-inch TV from LG with colorful trees on the display
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The LG 65UP8000PUA will light up your living room through its 65-inch display with 4K UHD resolution, so you’ll enjoy bright colors, high contrasts, and clear details. The LG TV’s quad core processor will upscale content into 4K resolution, giving you more things to watch. The LG 65UP8000PUA is also a smart TV, with LG’s ThinQ AI and the Magic Remote making navigation through your apps simple with the option of using voice commands, and its webOS platform supporting a virtually endless stream of movies and TV shows to keep you hooked.

Upgrading your home theater should start with a 4K TV, and you can’t go wrong with the LG 65UP8000PUA. The 65-inch LG 80 Series 4K TV is available from Walmart with a $173 discount, lowering its price to just $777 from its original price of $950. The offer may disappear at any moment though, so if don’t want to miss out on this special offer for the LG 65UP8000PUA, you should click that Buy Now button as soon as you can.

65-inch LG NanoCell 4K TV – $997, was $1,200

LG NanoCell 85-series

If you’re willing to spend more, check out the LG 65NANO85UNA. The TV also features a 65-inch screen with 4K UHD resolution, but the display is further enhanced by LG’s NanoCell technology that further improves image quality. Its α7 Gen 3 Processor 4K not only upscales the content that you watch, but it also uses artificial intelligence for better picture and sound. In addition to the streaming apps that may be accessed through its smart TV platform, the 4K TV’s LG Channels offers free access to more than 180 streaming channels, for even more content for you to consume.

For a more advanced 4K TV compared with the LG 65UP8000PUA, you should go for the LG 65NANO85UNA. For the powerful specifications and topnotch features of the 65-inch LG NanoCell 4K TV, you’ll only have to pay $997, as Walmart is selling it at $203 off from its original price of $1,200. There’s no telling when stocks will run out, so if you want to acquire the LG 65NANO85UNA for less than $1,000, you shouldn’t pass on this opportunity. Click the Buy Now button immediately.

More 4K TV deals

Your living room’s home theater setup will come alive with either the 65-inch LG 80 Series 4K TV or the 65-inch LG NanoCell 4K TV, and they’re very tempting because of Walmart’s discounts. However, if you’d like to take a look at more options before finalizing your purchase, you should check out what else Walmart and other retailers have in store. To help you out, we’ve gathered some of the best 4K TV deals that you can shop right now.

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Why you should buy the Hisense 50-inch R6 4K TV
Hisense is one of the best TV brands for variety thanks to its offerings including cheaper TVs as well as some great more high-end models too. With the Hisense 50-inch R6 4K TV, you get some great essential features. That includes its large 4K screen but it goes further than that. The TV also has support for Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 so you get improved realism and color throughout whatever you’re watching. There’s also Motion Rate 120 technology so that you can enjoy practically non-existent motion blur even when you’re watching fast-moving action or playing a game.

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