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Amazon discounts these 65-inch Samsung 4K TVs by up to $900

The best Samsung TV right now is the Q90R. This 4K TV boasts the most stunning QLED screen that money can buy, with outstanding luminosity, excellent blacks and off-angle viewing, loads of HDR punch, and unparalleled user experience. Naturally, if you want nothing but the best you’ve got to spend serious money on it, and a 65-inch unit of the Q90R will set you back by a heartstopping $3,498. Fortunately, it’s on sale right now on Amazon for a staggering $900 off. If its discounted price of $2,598 is still a tad too much for you, consider the UHD 7 or Q60 instead. Read below to learn which Samsung TV suits you and your budget best.

65-Inch Samsung UHD 7 Series 4K TV – $598, was $900

The Samsung UHD 7 Series is one of Samsung’s most affordable TV offerings that shoppers on a budget will greatly appreciate. It won’t sweep cinephiles off their feet, but it still manages to deliver a good performance even at its relatively low cost. This TV is made entirely out of plastic with nary any premium materials in sight. Slightly questionable build quality aside, it looks pretty solid. Although the two legs are spaced a bit far apart from each other, the TV doesn’t wobble, and cable management is provided by grooves on the back and clips found on both legs. On the TV’s back is a healthy collection of ports including three HDMI 2.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, component ports, LAN ethernet port, RF input, and an optical audio output. They’re all facing backward, though, which could be a problem if you choose to mount this TV on your wall.

This TV has a VA-LCD panel that provides decent picture quality with deep blacks, accurate colors, and high native contrast. It also supports HDR content, so watching Netflix and YouTube videos at their optimum picture setting is a possibility. However, the brightness isn’t sufficient to withstand glare, especially in a brightly lit room. Another issue is the narrow viewing angle. When you sit directly in front of this TV it looks good, but even a slight switch of position to the side and the picture starts to look murky. Again, for the price, the picture quality is quite satisfactory. Just make sure you’ve got fewer sources of light in your room and try to watch your shows directly in front of it. Oh, and don’t invite too many guests over. This TV is not meant for viewing parties.

We encountered no problems whatsoever when it came to Samsung RU7100’s smart TV interface. Running on Samsung’s Tizen 5 OS, the layout is simple and runs smoothly and snappily. Press the home button on the remote to pull up a row of shortcuts and a few recommended apps. It supports Apple AirPlay 2, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Furthermore, it has Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect a soundbar or pair of headphones to it wirelessly.

This TV’s stereo speakers are good but far from great; they are about what we expect from a slim midrange TV. The volume can be turned up loud enough to fill small to medium-sized rooms, dialogue sounds very clear, but this TV lacks a subwoofer so there’s no thump in the bass. You may want to purchase a soundbar.

The budget-friendly 65-inch Samsung UHD 7 Series 4K TV is on sale on Amazon right now for a huge $202 off. Get it for a relatively affordable $698 instead of its normal retail price of $900. And if you pay via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, you’ll enjoy an additional $60 off, bringing the price down to an irresistible $638.

65-Inch Samsung Q60 Series QLED TV – $1,098, was $1,798

Samsung’s proprietary QLED, or quantum-dot LED, TVs deliver a peak home cinematic experience because of their extremely high pixel count – four times higher than the older 1080p TVs. Their screens boast stunningly vibrant colors, superb contrasts, and an overflowing amount of details thanks to billions of self-illuminating “quantum dots.” This display technology is also notoriously expensive to make, but thankfully Samsung has found a way to bring it to the midrange market via the Q60 Series, including this 65-inch unit.

This 4K TV is ultra-thin with extremely slim bezels. It will certainly look great mounted on your wall or on top of a credenza. Behind the TV you will find the connection ports, including four HDMI ports, two USB ports, and one digital audio out port. You can plug a streaming stick on one of the USB ports if you don’t want to use Samsung’s built-in smart platform, or if you want to view other media.

Unfortunately, this TV does not have Samsung’s One Connect Box unlike the Q90R, a convenient tool that allows you to connect all your devices, like Blu-ray players or game consoles, in one place. This isn’t exactly a dealbreaker but be warned that you’re going to have to deal with numerous cables at the back of your TV.

As expected, the picture quality is extraordinary. Powered by over a billion quantum dots, the screen explodes with color, luminosity, and rich contrasts. The images look precise and vibrant and the blacks are rich and deep. This TV supports full HDR color delivery, so any HDR content can be viewed in its most stunning format.

This TV is powered by Samsung’s Tizen smart platform, which allows you to browse through channels and apps with ease. On the home screen, you’ll find the usual streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, the Universal Guide with its viewing recommendations, and Samsung’s TV+ app which conveniently combines online content with over-the-air channels. Another impressive feature is the Ambient Mode which allows the TV to blend in with your wall décor during standby mode. It supports Apple Airplay and through Bixby, its virtual assistant, you’ll be able to give voice commands for the TV to search for content, turn up the volume, or switch itself off.

The 65-inch Samsung Q60 Series TV is currently being sold on Amazon for an incredible $700 off. Instead of $1,798, upgrade your home entertainment space for $1,098. What’s more, you can score an additional $60 discount when approved for the Amazon Rewards Visa Card, which reduces the price to $1,038.

65-Inch Samsung Q90R Series QLED TV – $2,598, was $3,498

If you want the best TV that money can buy, the Samsung Q90R should definitely be on your shortlist. This marvel of a TV has a lot going on for it: Astounding build quality, excellent low input lag, fantastic smart TV interface, and most importantly, supreme picture performance. It ranks alongside the best of the best, including the LG C9 OLED, Sony A9G OLED, and Vizio’s P Series Quantum X LED TV.

Although this TV is incredibly slim, matching the most modern 4K TVs, it’s one of the heaviest we’ve ever tested, reminiscent of the good old plasma screens. Setting it up definitely requires an extra pair of hands. There’s a good reason for this TV’s heft: Build quality. The extra weight is for stability, and if you choose to place this stunning set on top of a credenza, it comes with a very classy, discreet metal pedestal that screams opulence. Or if you wish to wall-mount it, we recommend you get Samsung No Gap Wall Mount for the nearest possible proximity to your wall. As usual, Samsung’s One Connect Box saves you from the hassle of having multiple wires sticking out from behind your TV, virtually connecting everything to it, including your game console, cable box, and Blu-ray player.

Samsung ensured that the Q90R is future-proofed and has optimized it for hardcore gamers. While it doesn’t support the full HDMI 2.1 specification, it does support VRR – with specific support for FreeSync – and ALLM through one of its HDMI ports. This is great news for gamers as it delivers incredibly low input lag which means fast response time for fluid and crisp motion. Outside of HDMI ports (of which there are four) expect the standard digital optical audio output, three USB ports, a TV antenna jack, and an Ethernet jack. This TV no longer has composite or component video connections because, well, that’s so last century.

Although we tend to prefer Roku, Samsung’s own smart TV interface, Tizen, deserves heaps of praises as well. We especially like how it makes switching between apps and content a breeze, akin to browsing TV channels. Switching back and forth between sports and shows on Netflix, Hulu, or Sling TV requires just two or three clicks, and the video previously running on that app immediately resumes. However, Bixby remains largely incompetent. When we asked the voice assistant to search for “8K videos” on YouTube, it came up with “hate kay videos.” Better use Alexa or Google Assistant.

We’re big fans of Samsung’s QLED display, and the Q90R brings it to even greater heights. With Samsung’s superb backlighting system and a new optical layer, which the company calls “Q Ultra Wide Angle,” the deepest of blacks is achieved and much-improved off-angle viewing makes the Q90R one of the best LED TVs ever made. Out-of-the-box, color accuracy and reproduction is absolutely stellar, and this thing is blindingly bright. Got a super bright living room? Don’t worry. The Q90R is the perfect match for it. Sometimes, though, its overwhelming brightness can be a detriment, as scenes that are awash with light tend to lose a certain amount of details. Less discerning viewers won’t notice it, but videophiles might be less impressed.

The 65-inch unit of the Samsung Q90R 4K TV is on sale on Amazon for a huge $900 off. Get it for $2,598 instead of $3,498. And if you order via the Amazon Rewards Visa Card and get approval, enjoy an additional $60 off instantly, reducing the price to $2,538.

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