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Apple’s AirPods Pro and other true wireless buds go on sale

Apple’s courageous move to get rid of the headphone jack way back in 2016 paved the way for innovation in wireless headphone tech. Since the launch of the first-ever pair of AirPods, various companies followed suit and rolled out their own versions of true wireless earbuds. Today’s options have evolved significantly, offering outstanding sound quality that can rival the best over-ear headphones, along with much longer battery life. Some models even come with noise cancellation for total immersion or are tough enough to be worn in the gym.

With more and more phone brands ditching the headphone jack, now is a great time to invest in true wireless earbuds. We’ve rounded up here three highly rated models from reputable companies Apple, Sennheiser, and Samsung, all of which are enjoying price cuts on Amazon. Jump on these headphone deals now and walk away with as much as $100 in savings.

Apple AirPods Pro – $235 ($14 off)

The AirPods Pro are the latest members to join Apple’s family of true wireless earbuds. They carry all the best features of the original AirPods along with numerous enhancements, knocking down the previous models in all respects. For design, the California-based tech titan gave this pair the same golf-tee look although it’s a bit shorter now. Another obvious change is the addition of a silicone ear tip. It conveniently seals the entrance to the ear canal, resulting in improved delivery of sound, blockage of noise, and bass response.

Apple gives users the option to either shut the noise out or let it all in with the AirPods Pro. The latter is called “Transparency Mode,” which is great if you want to stay aware of what’s happening around you. Even more impressive is the noise-canceling technology. The earbuds can actually block unwanted background sound, giving an effect that’s almost comparable with the noise cancellation of the Sony WH-1000XM3 and the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. They are also in the same league with Sony WF-1000XM3 and Sennheiser Momentum in terms of sound quality, delivering audio with tuneful and punchy bass as well as fine details.

The AirPods Pro keep the same Siri connectivity, intuitive touch controls, and accelerometers that Apple fans have come to rely on with the previous models. Battery life is also unchanged at five hours of music streaming on a single charge, complete with a wireless charging case for when you are on the go.

For iOS users on the hunt for true wireless earbuds, there’s simply no better pick than the AirPods. Order a pair now on Amazon for a discounted price of $235.


Sennheiser Momentum – $200 ($100 off)

People looking to dive into true wireless freedom without compromising on sound performance will find love with the Sennheiser Momentum. This pair carries an in-house audio technology that creates an unmistakable category-leading sound, making everything sound lush. Whatever genre you are into, the earbuds will deliver the music with smooth and brawny basses, clean and crisp highs, and rich and ruddy mids. Sound profiles can even be fine-tuned through the digital EQ on the Sennheiser Smart Control app.

The Sennheiser Momentum’s light and comfortable profile means you won’t have to deal with pain after using them for hours. They are also bound to stay put in your ears without having to apply too much force to your sensitive bits. This secure seal allows for some physical noise cancellation, but you can always pipe in ambient sound if you prefer by activating the transparency mode. The earbuds are built using splash-resistant materials so there’s no problem wearing them during workouts and other sweaty activities.

With touch controls in place, these true wireless earbuds are very easy to operate. You can conveniently adjust the volume, skip tracks, pause/play music, and activate your phone’s virtual assistant through your fingertips. More control options are available via the companion app.

Normally selling for $300, the Sennheiser Momentum can now be yours for only $200. Order now on Amazon before the deal runs out.


Samsung Galaxy Buds – $100 ($30 off)

From looks to performance, the Samsung Galaxy Buds serve their purpose well. They are actually a great pick for Android users looking for true wireless earbuds. The best part? They cost less than the offerings from top brands like Apple, Sennheiser, and Jabra.

These Samsung earbuds sport a lightweight and compact design that provides a very solid fit and seal. They are so comfortable to wear that you don’t have to worry about discomfort after using them for long hours. And with an IPX2 rating, they also make great companions for a sweaty workout. Without a doubt, the Galaxy Buds are designed to provide go-anywhere, do-anything performance.

Once you pop the Samsung Galaxy Buds on your ears, you can jam out to your favorite tunes and expect warm bass and impressive details. They perform well in all genres of music, offering sound quality that’s as good or better than the pricier models from Apple and Jabra. You’ll also be able to personalize the sound profiles to your liking by adjusting the equalizer modes. Overall usage of the earbuds is made convenient with app-based customizations that let you assign a function on their touch-sensitive surfaces.

Although now overshadowed by the beefier Samsung Galaxy Buds+, the original Buds remain an excellent option for Android users in the market for reasonably priced true wireless earbuds. The black variant is currently up for grabs on Amazon at a sale price of $100.


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