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Is this fancy Alienware gaming headset deal worth the money?

A great gaming setup isn’t just about the hardware within your PC. Sure, it’s a big part of it, but you also need all the best accessories to go alongside it to get the most from your specs. In particular, audio is an easy component to overlook, but being able to accurately hear what’s going on around you during your gaming session can make a massive difference in how well you play. Whether you play single-player or multiplayer, knowing when someone is about to creep up on you can give you the edge in battle. That’s why you need a great gaming headset which is why we’re taking a look at these great Alienware gaming headset deals right now at Dell. With plenty of cash to save via these offers, it’s important to check if they’re worth the money. We’re here to explain both options. Alternatively, check out the other gaming headset deals we also have available right now.

Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset — $74, was $100

Ordinarily priced at $100 and down to just $74 with a $25 Dell Promo eGift Card also bundled in, this Alienware 7.1 Gaming Headset might not make the cut for the best gaming headsets right now but it’s still well worth your time. A wired headset with 7.1 channel virtual surround sound, it helps you feel more engaged while you play. It has custom-tuned 50mm 20Hz-40KHz drivers for high-resolution audio so you can hear the enemy before they hear you. They’re comfortable, too, with comfort-fit ear pads that aim to give you a wider and more dynamic soundstage at all times. Enhanced noise isolation means you won’t be distracted by the rest of the world either. Simply put, if you want to lose yourself in the magic of gaming, these are a great bet. They also have a Discord and TIA-920 certified retractable mic with noise cancellation so you can talk to your buddies more easily.

Alienware Gaming Headset: AW310H + Mechanical Keyboard: AW310K + Wireless Gaming Mouse: AW310M — $190, was $243

Alternatively, if your whole gaming accessory setup needs revamping, grab this bundle. Right now, you can buy an Alienware gaming headset, mechanical keyboard and wireless gaming mouse for just $190, saving you over $50 on the usual price. You get a stereo gaming headset with custom-tuned 50mm drivers along a mechanical keyboard that has industry-leading Cherry MX Red switches. These give you better control and superior response times which can make all the difference. Alongside that is a wireless gaming mouse that has six fully programmable buttons and 300 hours of play per battery charge, too. For the price, this is a great bundle. Sure, you miss out on 7.1 surround sound but other than that, you’re good to go. For gamers on more of a budget, there’s nothing to be disappointed about here.

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