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Anker’s Prime Day deals: Make your home office the best it can be

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Remote work is a major focus for a lot of people these days, and for good reason! Whether fully remote or hybrid — bridging the gap between home and in-office work — you’ll need the right gear to stay productive, and, frankly, have a better experience overall. With Prime Day going on, now’s the perfect time to look for great deals on office-related gear, and wouldn’t you know it, Anker has something just for you. It has a couple of offers, actually, including the AnkerWork B600 video bar, offering the very best in video, audio, and lighting, and the AnkerWork S500 a premium speakerphone equipped with noise-canceling technology. We’ll explore them in more detail below, but just know that you can grab them both on sale right now for Prime Day.

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AnkerWork S500 — $154, was $220

Anker's AnkerWork S500 Bluetooth speakerphone in use for conference call.

In a packed conference room, one of the most invaluable devices to have installed is a speakerphone that can both project sound to the entire room and allow everyone to talk or participate during a call. That’s precisely what the AnkerWork S500 is, with a modern twist. It’s compatible with Zoom and Google Meet, but also it has built-in VoiceRadar noise-canceling technology to eliminate pesky background noise. It’s equipped with four dedicated microphones to pick up voices with incredible clarity and utilizes Bluetooth wireless connectivity to play back audio from smartphones and more. It’s super easy to use too, and works great for any size of meeting, even something small like a quick interview or catch-up call with a colleague.

Normally $220, Anker is offering it for 30% off, which drops the price to $154. The deal will expire on July 13 so take advantage while you can!

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AnkerWork B600 — $176, was $220

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar in use during call.

More than your average webcam, the AnkerWork B600 is a “comprehensive productivity solution” no matter where you’re working — at home or in the office. It has a best-in-class 2K camera for great picture quality, but it also incorporates low-distortion dual speakers, a four-microphone array, and noise-canceling technology to eliminate unwanted background audio. Adjustable lighting support means that everyone on the call sees a clear, bright picture of your workspace and beautiful face. What’s more, packing everything into one device helps reduce desk clutter and keeps you more organized. The B600 reduces unsightly wires running from your monitor and desk to your computer, as well. Having an all-in-one video bar is extremely helpful in smaller living situations too.

Normally $220, Anker has lowered the price to $176 for Prime Day, which is 20% off and an excellent deal. It will be available until July 13, so don’t sleep on it if you’re interested.

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Are there more Anker deals for Prime Day?

AnkerWork B600 Video Bar front view with light on.

As you may know, Anker has a lot of other products out there and quite a few of them are also on sale. Here are the details:

  • Live 7/12: Anker PowerConf S330 USB Speakerphone for Home Office — $64, was $80
  • Live 7/13: Anker PowerConf+ Bluetooth Speakerphone with Bluetooth Dongle — $120, was $150
  • Live 7/12-7/13: Anker PowerConf C200 2K Mac Webcam — $48, was $60
  • Live 7/12-7/13: Anker PowerConf S360 USB Speakerphone with Hub and HDMI Port — $96, was $120
  • Live 7/12-7/13: Anker PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Speakerphone — $80, was $100
  • Live 7/17/13: Anker PowerConf C302 Smart 2K Full HD Webcam — $120, was $150

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