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Apple iPhone Lightning Dock gets price knocked down to just $39 on Amazon

There’s a wide assortment of options when it comes to iPhone docks these days, with upright charging stations taking the place of traditional cables among many Apple fans. While brands like Belkin now offer multi-device charging docks, the iPhone Lightning Dock from good old Apple is a solid option for an affordable, everyday phone dock. Secure yours now on Amazon for just $39, down from $50.

Apple acolytes are known for their brand loyalty, and the iPhone Lightning Dock, the company’s first foray into charging docks, doesn’t disappoint. While fans continue to await the arrival of Apple’s AirPower charging mat, the Lightning Dock is a useful interim iPhone accessory. The slim and sleek Apple dock is compatible with all lightning-connector iPhones from the iPhone 5 on, and comes in four color finishes – white, black, space gray, and silver. Even iPhones with Apple-designed cases fit comfortably on the dock, allowing for easy accessibility on your desktop or tabletop while you sync or charge. A built-in 3.5mm audio jack lets you listen to your music or podcasts while charging your iPhone, while clear audio means you won’t miss a moment on speakerphone calls.

While wireless phone chargers may be the way of the future, the basic, affordable iPhone dock is a good addition to any desktop, and a great reason to get rid of your growing collection of charging cables. With Apple’s trademark minimalist aesthetic, this charging dock is only as large as it needs to be, keeping the rest of your desk unobstructed. Simply connect the iPhone dock to any outlet using your Apple USB Power Adapter to charge its battery, or connect it to any speakers or stereo using a 3.5mm audio cord to play music or podcasts from your phone. 

Apple has admittedly had some stumbles when it comes to charging docks (see: AirPower), but for a first effort phone-only option, the iPhone Lightning Dock gets the job done. You may well find yourself upgrading to a more all-encompassing alternative soon enough, but the iPhone Lightning Dock, now at just $39, is not a bad bargain.

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