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This Asus Chromebook is so cheap we thought it was a mistake

If you need to buy a new laptop, you’ll likely come across a great offer from today’s Memorial Day sales. This year’s Memorial Day laptop deals cater to a variety of budget ranges, but if you want a machine that’s very cheap but reliable, you might want to move away from traditional laptops and go with a Chromebook. If you’re interested, the Asus C423 Chromebook is available from Walmart with a $30 discount, further lowering its price to $239 from its original price of $269.

The Asus C423 is powered by the dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 processor with 4GB of RAM ad 64GB of eMMC storage. The Chromebook features a 14-inch HD screen with 1366 x768 resolution, for a clear look at the documents that you’re working on and the websites that you’re browsing. Asus also promises up to 10 hours of battery life, which should be more than enough time for you to plug in the Chromebook to charge if you’re using it on the go.

The Asus C423 and its fellow Chromebooks are named as such because they’re powered by Google’s Chrome OS, which is basically the Chrome browser that’s reworked to function as an operating system. These computers heavily depend on web-based apps instead of software that needs to be installed. While this means that you need an internet connection to maximize Chromebooks, it also translates to low overhead, resulting in quick startups and snappy performance without needing high-end components.


With the Asus C423, you can install Android apps from the Google Play Store to complement the Chrome OS native apps, for a complete suite of software for daily functions such as word processing, browsing social media and other websites, and checking emails. If these constitute most of your daily activities, then the Asus C423 may be your perfect companion.

Chromebooks are a cheaper alternative to traditional laptops, and if you think they’ll work out for you, you should take advantage of this Memorial Day deal for the Asus C423. Walmart is currently selling the Chromebook at $30 off, bringing its price down to an even more affordable $239, from its original price of $269. If you’re already looking forward to the benefits of owning a Chromebook, you shouldn’t hesitate on buying the Asus C423

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