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Amazon discounts Beats Solo Pro, Powerbeats Pro — save up to $70

Beats Headphones tend to live up to their name — they’re our go-to headphones for getting the best out of our favorite music, from the most supple bass to the hardest pounding, well, beats. Add wireless to the mix and we’re already sold, especially as we’re spending more time working away from our offices — something we’re tackling with our affordable headphone deals. Around the world, people are creating their own little offices and aural islands wherever we go, and wireless headphones like Powerbeats Pro and Beats Solo Pro are some of the best ways to make that happen. Right now, at Amazon, you can get $50 off the Powerbeats Pro — they’re selling for $200, down from $250. At the same time, a pair of Beats Solo Pro are $70 off — they’re just $230, down from $300.

Powerbeats Pro — $200, was $250

One of the things we love about the Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones are their subtlety. Unlike other wireless headphones, you can barely see these. They’re unobtrusive and narrow, which can be ideal when you’re just walking around, or better yet, working out. They make a lot of noise, but not visually. And these were designed with activity in mind; they guard against spills (like sweat or splashes of water; don’t take them in the shower). Also, they have four pairs of detachable ear tips in varying sizes, as well as ear hooks to make sure they’ll stay put and stay comfortable.

Now, unlike the Beats Solo Pro, these don’t offer noise cancellation, but that can be a benefit, especially if you jog in a city, or need to hear what else is happening around you. But at the same time, there’s a ton going on inside these headphones to brag about. They have the Apple H1 headphone chip, as well as Class 1 Bluetooth which means you can feel secure operating these a good distance from the audio source or other devices without fretting about the connection. Apple’s H1 Chip also allows for efficient pairing and will bring up Siri instantly on an iPhone or any iOS device.

The sound quality is fantastic, just listen when that bass kicks in (as well as impressive instrumental separation, detail, and dynamics). We love how crisp and clear voices come in on calls, thanks to a speech-detecting accelerometer and multiple microphones that target voices and filter out external noise. You can sweat throughout your workout without sweating battery life because a single charge will give you nine hours of music. On top of that, the case can charge them, twice, giving you 24 hours of battery with the case. Just need to finish a workout or a single call? Again, no sweat. Five minutes in the charger gives you 90 minutes of music playback. That’s an amazing amount of time to not have to worry about your headphones.

Beats Solo Pro — $230, was $300

A little more — fine a lot more — visible than the Powerbeats Pro, there’s a good reason. These wireless headphones had a lot more going on (which is why you seem them everywhere). These are great looking, noise-canceling headphones that are standard-setting in the industry. The key that separates them from other Beats products, like the Powerbeats Pro, is the active noise-canceling feature that allows you to block out external interference and allows you to listen to your music, or have your call, in total peace. They’re less convenient for working out, but ultimately higher-performing, think of these are your sanctuary earphones. And yet, they’ve added a transparency mode that allows some noise to creep in, should you need it to.

Like the Powerbeats Pro, these are powered by an Apple H1 Headphone chip and carry Class 1 Bluetooth abilities, so you’re going to get few dropouts and better range than most headphones in this price category. Naturally, they work seamlessly with Siri on iOS devices, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pair well with Android; Beats has that covered, too.

While you need to charge up the Powerbeats Pro every nine hours or so, Beats Solo Pro offers up to 22 hours of listening time, which is very impressive. Moreover, if you’re not using the noise-canceling features, or transparency mode, these headphones can last 40 hours on a single charge. That’s unheard of! And just like the Powerbeats Pro, if time is of the essence, you can get three hours of battery from just a 10-minute charge.

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