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Best Cyber Monday Kindle deals 2021 — what’s still available

Check out the best Cyber Monday Kindle deals that are still live this week, even though the shopping holiday is technically over, and make a serious dent in your reading list this holiday. Owning a Kindle means you’ll have access to millions of different titles on a device that’s compact enough to bring with you wherever you go. Kindles are some of the most popular items of Cyber Monday 2021, which is why Amazon has slashed the prices on these handy e-book readers.

Because the best Cyber Monday Kindle deals are in such high demand, it will likely be hard to get your hands on one if they run out of initial inventory. If you’re interested in picking up a Kindle, there’s no better time to buy one for a fantastic discount than right now. You can learn more about the Kindles that are currently on sale below — but make sure to grab them while you can. These are the remnants of Cyber Monday deals, and they won’t last forever.

Best Cyber Monday Kindle deals 2021

  • Kindle Kids —

    $60, was $110

  • Kindle (2019) —

    $70, was $110

  • Kindle Paperwhite (2021) —

    $125, was $160

  • Kindle Oasis —

    $215, was $300

Kindle Kids — $60, was $110

Child reading Amazon Kindle Kids Edition.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why buy:

  • Includes a 1-year subscription to Amazon Kids+ with many popular books, including the entire Harry Potter series
  • Excellent battery life on a single charge, rated for weeks of usage
  • Black-and-white glare-free display
  • Comes with a kid-friendly cover in pink, blue, or print

Do you want to get your kids into reading from a very early age? Then you should consider getting a Kindle Kids. It’s a bundle featuring a 10th-generation Kindle device, a kid-friendly cover, and a year of Amazon Kids+, a subscription service packed with content specifically for kids. One of the best things about getting your kid a Kindle is that it specifically encourages reading. The Kindle is solely for reading, unlike other kids-oriented tablets like the Amazon Fire HD 10 packed with additional features like videos, games, and the internet. Without other distractions, they’ll be able to stay engaged in the text. It’s equipped with a black-and-white 167 PPI display that simulates the look of actual paper, so your children can easily switch back and forth between paper books and their Kindle.

The full year of Amazon Kids+ is also a great way to kick-start your child’s interest in reading. It comes with several popular books, including Artemis Fowl, Mary Poppins, The Magician’s Nephew, and the entirety of the Harry Potter series. You can also purchase additional books through the Kindle store or even Audible audiobooks. Each Kindle Kids device is linked to a parental dashboard using the mobile app, where you set age filters, add books to the device, and check how your kid is progressing with their reading. There are also features like the Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise that help kids improve their language skills and improve their reading level.

Kindle (2019) — $70, was $110

Kindle 2019 with front light on a desk.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Why buy:

  • Fantastic value for money
  • Single battery charge can last for weeks
  • Can play audiobooks with Audible and Bluetooth headphones
  • Adjustable brightness and anti-glare display that lets you read anywhere

In our Kindle (2019) review, we praised it for being “inexpensive, but having everything you need,” and that holds to this day. This device offers a fantastic value proposition for anyone who wants to start reading more. While it’s not the most feature-packed e-book reader around, it has all the features you need to begin devouring a novel. For under $100, you get a compact, front-lit tablet with an e-ink display, along with access to the most extensive catalog of books you can find and enough space to fit thousands of books. You even get a bonus in audiobook support, which syncs easily with Audible. That means you can stop reading the audiobook and pick up right where you left off in the e-book version.

This device is also extremely light and compact. You can put it into a larger pocket or a bag, and you might not even feel the additional weight. Despite this, the device is sturdy and holds up to daily usage. You can also add a cover for extra protection. For a device so light, you don’t expect its battery life to be as massive as it is. However, since there’s not much horsepower in this device, it can last for weeks on a single charge. That’s especially invaluable for people who don’t have much time to charge their devices; this is an excellent option for those who commute by train or bus and want something to do while traveling.

Kindle Paperwhite (2021) — $125, was $160

The Kindle Paperwhite on a table.
Digital Trends

Why buy:

  • Newest model
  • USB-C charging port
  • Waterproofing for reading by the pool or the beach
  • Adjustable warm light

The new Kindle Paperwhite hasn’t been around for long, but Amazon is already discounting it fairly heavily. It’s similar to the 2018 model, but with some significant upgrades. It now has an adjustable warm light for night reading, but it’s also the first Kindle to come with a USB-C port. This seems like a small update, but it does crucially mean most people will now only need to take a single charging cable with them.

Not that you’ll need to charge it much, of course. As is usual for Kindles, the battery life is measured in weeks rather than days. It comes with 8GB of storage too, which is small by smartphone standards but more than large enough for thousands of e-books. If you’re happy to pay a little extra money, the new Kindle Paperwhite is a great grab this Cyber Monday.

Kindle Oasis — $215, was $300

Amazon Kindle Oasis.
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

Why buy:

  • Page turning buttons
  • Waterproof body
  • Adjustable warm light
  • Large screen

The Kindle Oasis is the creme-de-la-creme of Amazon’s Kindle range, and it shows, with a rather more unique look, large 7-inch display, and all the bells and whistles you can expect from an e-reader. The unique style is definitely a draw, with two page-turning buttons, making it perfect if you don’t want to deal with an e-paper touchscreen. It’s also waterproof for reading by the pool or beach, and the adjustable warm light makes reading at night a cinch.

On the minus side, it’s been a while since this particular model has been updated, so there’s an outdated Micro USB port for recharging, and it’s likely to be replaced in 2022 by a newer model — which will probably include USB-C and wireless charging. But if neither of those appeals to you, this is another great e-reader to grab at a bargain price.

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