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Hurry! These BLUETTI Black Friday deals are fantastic, but they won’t last long

This content was produced in partnership with BLUETTI.

It’s that time of the year again when deals and discounts are in the air. If you’ve been waiting to buy anything, stock up, or just want to see what’s available at a great price, well, now’s the best time, but you probably already know that. What you’re really waiting for is coverage of the best deals, which you’ll get right here. BLUETTI is the star of the show this time, with some truly jaw-dropping deals available on portable power gear. You have the distinct opportunity to save up to $600 on BLUETTI’s ultra-convenient power stations and accessories during the event.

The sale kicks off November 11 and runs until November 30, giving you just a few days to save. Along with all of the great deals, BLUETTI is also offering what it calls Mystery Boxes, lucky draws, and exclusive giveaways. There’s a chance to score some freebies in there, but you’ll have to be vigilant. Otherwise, you can shop the vast selection of deals, which we’ve outlined in more detail below. Get shopping now, or keep reading for more info.

BLUETTI’s best Black Friday deals

BLUETTI EB70S powering pressure cooker in a tight spot.

A lot is going on over at BLUETTI. Sure, there are some fantastic deals on portable power stations, extra batteries, and more, but there are a ton of fun activities too. For example, Mystery Boxes and lucky draws offer an extra opportunity or two to save and win big. For those who spend over $1,000 at BLUETTI’s official site from Nov 11 to Nov 29 at 23:59 (PT), they are eligible for a lucky draw to win one of several prizes, including the EB3A, PS70, AC50S solar generator, $50 to $100 coupons, or other BLUETTI-branded gifts.

Buyers will also receive additional giveaways when they surpass spending thresholds. For example, after spending $5,000 you’ll get a mini fridge. Of course, if you don’t plan on spending that much, anyone can buy mystery boxes, which start at $99, and there are no quantity limits. Mystery boxes come in three types, basic, pro, and premium.

  • Mystery box basic — $99
  • Mystery box pro — $199
  • Mystery box premium — $999

With basic boxes, you have the opportunity to win power banks, with at least 100 watt-hour capacities and 120-volt AC output.  In the pro boxes, you can win portable power stations with at least 500 watt-hours of capacity up to 720 watt-hours. In the premium boxes, you’ll have a chance to win premium power stations with at least 1,800 watt-hours of capacity up to 2000 watt-hours.

While the events are awesome, we’re most excited about the deals and discounts. Let’s take a look at those now.

AC500 and B300S bundle — $4,499, was $5,099

BLUETTI AC500 used to power kitchen appliances during a power outage.

Together, the AC500 and B300S bundle offer you everything you’d need to keep your home powered and safe during a major outage. The AC500 is 100% modular, so it’s never locked in place if you want to move it, and it pairs with the B300S or B300 expansion batteries to offer up to a staggering total of 18,432 watt-hours of power (with up to six B300S batteries connected).

A step up from its predecessor — the AC300 — BLUETTI’s AC500 has a built-in inverter, which allows for continuous power of 5,000 watts and a surge of 10,000 watts. That’s enough power to charge most devices with ease, and even keep some more demanding appliances running for a while. With the Black Friday deal, you’re saving $600 on the bundle.

Buy Now

AC300 and B300 bundle — $2,999, was $3,699

BLUETTI AC300 to power electronics in the home for kids.

This bundle is the ultimate home battery backup solution and comes with the modular AC300 power station, and the B300 expansion battery. The 3,072-watt-hour capacity is expandable up to 12,288 watt-hours by adding four expansion batteries.

The AC300 has a pure sine wave inverter with 16 outlets for all of your most beloved electronics and devices. You’ll never be without power so long as you have one of these around. They can run a 700-watt refrigerator for up to 3.7 hours, and a 500-watt washing machine for 5.2 hours — plenty of time until the power is back on. And if the power doesn’t come back on, you can always connect some solar panels to charge the system or charge one of the many other ways, via car, generator, battery, dual AC, and beyond. With this Black Friday deal, you’re saving $700.

AC200MAX and B230 bundle — $2,799, was $3,298

BLUETTI AC200MAX with solar panels off grid and on the beach.

Another bundle suitable as a home battery backup solution, during outages, it’s also critical to point out that this fully modular setup is also usable anywhere, even glamping. The AC200MAX power station has a 2,048-watt-hour LiFePO4 battery and a 2,200-watt inverter. Since it comes with the B230 expansion battery, you get 4,096 watt-hours right out of the box. You can expand it even further with additional batteries too if you think you’ll need more power, up to a maximum capacity of 6,144 watt-hours.

With up to 16 outlets, you can plug in just about anything from appliances to electronics and beyond. The touchscreen interface on the AC200MAX makes it easy to see stats at a glance, track available energy, and more. Using the BLUETTI app, you can also remotely access the system to adjust settings and monitor power consumption. With the Black Friday deal, you’re saving $499 on this bundle.

Buy Now

AC200P portable power station — $1,199, was $1,699

Bluetti AC200P Portable Power Station in black power generator replacement.

BLUETTI’s AC200P packs a lot of power into a relatively compact frame, and it has a 2,000 watt-hours capacity with a 2,000 watt AC pure sine wave inverter. You could say it’s ready to rock. There are 17 outputs with options to charge and power multiple devices at once. Plus, there are seven ways to charge this system including via AC, solar, auto, generator, lead battery, and more. It’s eco-friendly, gas-free, and ultra-quiet, so you can use it nearly anywhere. Just charge and go.

Starting November 21st, the price will be $1,199. It’s worth noting that on November 28th, the AC200P will have the best price ever, dropping down to $1,119 but only for 24 hours.

BLUETTI Black Friday: More great deals

BLUETTI EB55 powering lantern while camping.

Outside of the bundles, BLUETTI is also offering some killer deals on its power stations, solar panels, and other equipment. Here are some of the notable mentions:

These deals won’t last long — you have until November 30

If you’re interested, you’ll want to act soon because, in addition to these deals only being available for a limited time, BLUETTI may very well sell out before then if demand is high enough. With winter on the way, and what’s looking to be a rough spring after that, now’s a good time to secure power for the foreseeable future thanks to these modular stations and accessories. With a power station, battery, and solar panels, you could keep your home, camper, cabin, or wherever you live supplied with power for quite some time — even when the grid is down.

They make solid gifts for friends and family too.

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